Saturday, May 03, 2008

Time Flies!

My little man is 5 months old. My baby girl registered for kindergarten this week. Kory and I celebrate our 9 year anniversary next week. I turn *** this year. Where does the time go?!

Or, the more important question, am I using my time wisely? Time marches on whether I want it to or not. The days slip away, whether I am cherishing the moments or worrying about what will come tomorrow. Am I using my time wisely?

Do I use my time for kingdom purposes or selfish interests? Do I invest my minutes in building relationships (with my Maker, family, neighbors and friends) or do I use my minutes to serve myself? Time is flying, how are you using yours?

"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12


smw said...

oh my word, that picture of sean-sp? just makes me sad. he looks so grown up!! faye will be like that in 4 months. :(

megs @ whadusay said...

I know - it goes so fast!

Clint said...

Megs, Thanks for your post. I just turned 29 last month, and I've been pondering the same things. I thought I was supposed to be a "better" Christian by now...have things more figured out...have a more consistent prayer life...etc. And now, more than ever, I'm realizing that it's the everyday moments/choices that make up our life. I too am challenged to make the most of my time.

Love you,

Taylor said...

This psalm has been my prayer request recently that I have started back to work. How do you juggle home, kids, work and husband time? It has been difficult but God has been my ever-present help too! Love the pic of baby sean!!! He is sooooo sooooo adorable!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Sean is so, so cute! Those blue eyes are beautiful (o: