Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Compassion International in El Salvador, Take 2

Well, I just completed another day in El Salvador. It has been such a good day. Two things stand out to me that I want to share before I shower up and hit the sack.

1. We visited the home of a little girl (about Mya's age). Her house was smaller than my master bathroom and housed a family of 5. We got to talk to her parents. Her mom and her dad. It is very rare for a dad to be involved. As we were talking, the little girl started to cry and whine a little. She was tired and needed a nap. Jill made the comment that kids are the same no matter where you are. It is so true. Circumstances and environments may differ, but we are all human.

2. As we were about to get off the bus at the second project we visited, one of our guides Roberto referred to the Bible verse where Jesus says that if you minister to the "least of these" you minister to me. As we went into the project the kids led us in worship. Two little girls were sitting beside me. As I sat there listening with my arms around these little girls, it hit me that I was treading on holy ground. I had my arms around Jesus. I felt so unworthy to be there in that place. To put my arms around Jesus. Words fail.

3. I know I said two, but I have to add one more. The work Compassion is doing is amazing. They are so well-organized. They are making a difference and changing the world. And, the amazing thing is that for $32 a month, you can partner with them. You can impact a child for Jesus. This organization is the real deal and if you don't sponsor a child, I would highly encourage you to (if you scroll down to an earlier post with a picture of my sponsor child Yesenia, you will find a link to their website).

That's all for tonight. I am tired and am looking forward to my bed! (By the way, they are putting us up in a wonderful hotel - as a friend said on a trip to Ukraine - "Hey man, anything for the kingdom!")

Love you all, hopefully I will be posting more throughout the week. Thanks for your prayers, I can truly feel them.


Anonymous said...


I am so thankful that the trip is going well and love to hear the updates. I've sent a couple emails, so keep me posted if you don't get them; I received yours. We all love you here at home and can't wait to have you back.

Love, Your Man

Jami said...

Megan - thanks for the updates! I am thinking of you and praying for you often!

You'll never never forget this trip, Mego! I love you!