Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stories, Pictures and New Friends

I'm not sure where to begin. I came away from She Speaks full of information, friendship and an excitement for the future. (And to think I almost missed it by miscalculating what time we should be at the airport Friday morning - picture me running through an airport parking lot hyperventilating at the thought of missing our plane!)

One of the highlights of the weekend was the focus on blogging. Not only did I get to meet people who love to blog and whose blogs I read, I got to sit in on workshops led by Boo Mama, Big Mama and Rocks in My Dryer! (If you are interested in growing your traffic or learning about blogging boundaries, etiquette and privacy check out their blogs, they have posted their material from the weekend!)

All of the workshops I attended were full of good information. I have a lot to process and sift through.

The best part of the weekend, however, (besides getting to share it with my sister) was the friendships that I made. I love it when God provides a kindred spirit. Even when you are not looking for one.

Pictured below are Karla, me, Jami and Emily (not pictured is Samantha). These are women I laughed with, cried with, connected with, ate with, and stayed up late with. Our time together was entirely too short. Thank you for making She Speaks extra special. And, for sharing your hearts and time with me. I can't wait until we meet again!

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Karla Porter Archer said...

I am just AMAZED at the bonds that were created over this past weekend.

Y'all are stuck with me now, so get used to it!!

Love you~K

Renata said...

Looks like you had a really great time. Wish I was there... maybe they could run one in Australia??!!??
Renata :)

megs @ whadusay said...

Karla - I'll be stuck with you anytime!

Renata - I wish you would have been there to - it would have been so fun to meet face-to-face!

Jami said...

It was an incredible blessing to share this experience with you too Megan!! :)

We'll have to do it again...hmmmm how about next year?!

emily freeman said...

You sisters are just too cute. I have amazed my own sister at how blue your eyes are...both of you!

Leslie Ringger said...

nice shirt