Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't eat my Peanut Butter Crunch

We have Peanut Butter Crunch at our house right now. It is probably our favorite cereal. Yesterday as I was passing it out to the kids, they kept asking for more. So, I gave them more, reluctantly, and in increasingly smaller and smaller quantities. All the while thinking, "this cereal is going to be gone by tomorrow." It was quite distressing.

You see, I am the kind of girl who likes to take good things, like Peanut Butter Crunch, and make them last as long as possible. That may mean eating smaller portions at a time, but then I get to have more portions to look forward to. I always save my favorite part of the meal(i.e. the rolls or potatoes) for my last bite. I NEVER read the end of a book until I actually get to the end (but that is another blog post altogether).

When I get birthday money, I have the hardest time making a decision on what to buy because I worry that I will find something better if I wait. When I was little and would get bags of candy for Easter or Halloween, I would limit myself to one or two pieces of candy a day so I could make the candy last as long as possible (even if it meant the candy would start to go stale).

At one point in my young life I had an entire jar full of laughy taffy. That candy lasted for months, literally. It would have lasted even longer, but I found out years later that one of my sisters (who will remain nameless) used to sneak into my room in the middle of the night (literally crawling on the floor in the dark while everyone was sleeping) and eat my laughy taffies. She recently confessed this to me, I guess the guilt was just eating away at her in the dark recesses of her mind, much like she ate my candy.

I was the only one in my family like this. My sisters would eat their candy as soon as they received it (hence the need to steal mine!). And, I don't think they have any problems spending their birthday money.
Although most of these little quirks are harmless. I have started to realize that sometimes, I can loose out on the joy of the moment because I try too hard to save joy for the future, where there is no guarantee.
So, I am trying to live in the moment and take advantage of the little joys that are set before me, even if it means eating all the Peanut Butter Crunch today and not saving any for tomorrow!


Kristy said...

You know, I wonder if it's an older child thing. Ben always says I'm a "savorer". I used to be really bad. I'd get a new outfit and never wear it, saving it for just the right moment. I still tend to fall into those ways (I have stashes of candy tucked away... I got a box of chocolates and had 1 per day) but I'm trying. Thanks for the reminder to live more in the moment!

Mindy said...

I admit that I am like that too, but it's really mostly with food. Food is very important to me...and my whole Rocke side of the family. (side brother in law always says "Don't get between a Rocke and their food!) Anyway, I don't really like it when someone wants some of my food (i.e. Michael). But I have no problem eating some of his food. :) I too like to savor the special foods, like chocolate that I get, only eating a few pieces at a time. Michael on the other hand eats the good stuff until it's gone in one sitting! So I have learned to stuff my face of the good stuff in our house before my beloved husband gets to it. :)

Renata said...

I also save things - & yes my kids can demolish/eat a box of cereal in one day also!!
Enjoy your peanut butter crunch (by the way I've never seen it over here, but it sure sound yummy!!!)
I've added you to my list of friends on my blog, if that's not alright please just leave a comment!
Renata :)

Erin said...

Have you tried Peanut Butter Bumpers, the Reese's cereal or the Kroger knock-off? Equally awesome and worth savoring...and it's true the box is gone in a day or two and then it takes like 2 wks. to get through the Cheerios! :)

megs @ whadusay said...

Kristy - I can completely relate to the new outfit thing too!

Erin - I haven't tried those, but we may have too - and you are so right about taking 2 weeks to get through the cheerios (or honey-nut cheeorios in our case right now!)

Renata - I'd be honored to be added to your blogroll

Mindy - If Kory and I liked the same treats, my days of making treats last would be gone :), but thankfully he favors the salty stuff and I savor the sweets.

Leslie Ringger said...

thanks for subtle use of linking my blog to my hidden identity. very clever.
i was going to say, "i know, i'm not proud if!" but when i think about it i'm somewhat impressed that as a 5/6 year-old i was smart enough to actually wait till everyone was asleep to steal candy. plus i was sneaky enough to get away with it...hmmm, maybe i should have set my career aspirations more towards jewel theivery since i'm apparently stealthy like a fox. then i could buy real mac and cheese instead of generic. bummer

Kristy said...

P B Cap'n Crunch has always been a fav in my family. When we lived out in Conn., we couldn't find it anywhere! So my wonderful, thoughtful Grandma Hoffman would MAIL us boxes of it!! We'd get SOOOO excited when we got a box from Gram, 'cause we knew we were getting more PB cap'n crunch!! (she would also send tapes of herself talking to us and telling us things that have happened, read a book or just random stuff.... we loved listening to them!)

Katie said...

Wow Megan, you are good, I am like your sister, I would have it gone the day I get it. Great self control

Real Reedy said...

Oh Megan - That is so me! My husband makes so much fun of me because I can make a regular size candy bar last for weeks!

smw said...

this was a funny little post. thanks for the cheer. :)

(i'm alot like you, too, i have to say.)