Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lamest Blog Post Ever

Today I feel uninspired. I have no witty words to share with you. No words to inspire and encourage you as you go about your day. No cute stories to share. As my husband would say, "I've got nothing."

But, I need your help. And so in exchange for your help I've managed to come up with a few words (which you might be better of skipping and just jump to #4).

My friend Christina will often do a weekend update. And since I have no creativity within me at this moment, I am going to steal her idea (I hope you don't mind). And while her weekend updates are fun to read, please prepare yourself - mine is extremely lame and quite possibly a large waste of your time.

And so, I present...

My Weekend Update:

1. Somehow I managed to attain tens of mosquito bites all over my legs. They are driving me crazy one itch at a time.

2. On Saturday I was able to go to my cousin's wedding. In a twist of irony, we attended the shortest wedding service ever (approx 5 minutes) coupled with the longest wait for a reception (and meal) (approx 4 hours). On the plus side, the bride was beautiful, we got to hang out with fun people without children :), and enjoyed a little salsa courtesy of the bride and her father - very cool! Oh, and the food was really good too!

3. The Cubs lost again. Swept by the White Sox. My husband ( a fan of both Chicago teams) was unable to decide who to root for. So he watched the game dressed in a Sox shirt and a Cubs hat. He is a conflicted man.

And now for the blog participation portion of this riveting post:

4. The upcoming week is "birthday week" at our house. My daughter's is on Thursday and the boy's is on Sunday. I need some help. Do you have any fun gift ideas for 3 year old boys? I could use a few suggestions.


Rebekah said...

if you've got a big tree...a tire swing! I think they'd be big enough to enjoy that!

I'll keep thinking!

by the way...the image of Kory's conflicted attire cracked me up! thanks for the laugh!

Brooke said...

Actually, I don't think it was lame at all! You're quite interesting, I think. :)

Christina said...

Let's see...presents for 3yr olds. I got Cole a big wheel/trike bike for his 3rd birthday. He loved riding it all over the driveway.

I am always big on anything Tonka. We have 3 very large Tonka toys currently in our living room. The boys love putting stuff in them and then running around like maniacs.

Amber said...

I don't know if I'm much help right now -I'm trying to decide for Ava's first birthday and went to Toys R Us for ideas . . .I left depressed instead of inspired!! ; )

I love gifts that get kids moving : )(expressing energy) - if they don't have bikes yet that would be a fun one as you could possibly find ones that would last them next summer too. I've found some bikes that were in great shape/great prices at garage sales this summer for my sister's kids and I've seen lots for smaller ones too.

sarah.flyingkites said...

How about firefly nets and containers. They seem like a good age for that!

Oh, and I enjoyed your post - didn't think it was lame!

Mindy said...

Since it's summer time what about some out dooor toys. I saw this huge beach ball that you hook a hose up to and water sprays out of the ball in different directions. I'm pretty sure wal-mart or toys r us has it, but I did see it at Aldi for $8.99! What a deal! One of my friends has a 3 year old and she loves this toy!

Or another idea would be a slip 'n' slide if you don't have one.

Good luck!

Mama Runner said...

I'm no help in the toy department, but wanted to tell you that stick deodorant takes the itch out of mosquito bites.

Holly said...

The boys might enjoy some kid-sized tools, especially if their dad is handy around the house (anything to be like Dad!) Something like a kid-friendly tape measure, or a lightweight (kids) wrench (so when they smack each other they don't cause a concussion) or some outside tools like a (kids) shovel or rake. Plastic flashlights are fun, too. You can't beat books! (Check out a book/CD called "Blue Moo" by Sheila Boynton (I think that's her)if you haven't seen it already.)

Leslie Ringger said...

mego, i have to agree that this post wasn't lame at all or a waste of my time. i laughed out loud at the picture of kory watching the game. plus, the pain and agony brought on by those dumb mosquitos is always worth a post!

megs @ whadusay said...

You all are very kind. I appreciate your votes of confidence in my post. :)

Thanks also for the great gift ideas. The boys just got hot wheels/tricycles from their grandparents which they LOVE!

I ended up wandering the isles of Toys R Us and ended up with a canister of Tinker Toys. I figure if they've been around that long (since 1913 I believe) there must be a reason! I also got them a slip n slide!

Samantha @ the Listener's post said...

Hey! My Little Man is turning 3 next week! How fun! (I think we already established this fact at She Speaks, but it's still fun).

They'll probably love the Tinker Toys and the Slip N Slide. Little Man is getting a kids flashlight that cranks instead of using batteries (I'm tired of replacing them after he leaves the light on and it rolls under the couch!), and the Fisher Price internet launch pad that will let him play games like Big Brother safely.

Yay for three! Now let's just hope his wish before he blows out the candles involves magical, instant success at potty training...

In Him,
Sam @ theListenerspost

Unknown said...

Nope, not lame. You are very interesting. Based on how the boys like to play with chalk in my driveway, maybe they'd like some of the cool new chalk art sets with stamps and rollers and stuff. They are going to go crazy for that slip n slide...