Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Creative Taglines needed, apply below!

I have been trying to think up a fun tagline for my blog and I need your help. Nothing I have come up with sounds quite right. Here are a few attempts:

Whadusay - Annuls of a Mom trying to Hear herself Think (Kory thinks this is too wordy)
Whadusay - Silent prose in a Noisy World (this was Kory's attempt)
Whadusay - A place of Silent Lucidity (another Kory attempt, I don't really want my blog associated with a Heavy Metal song)

So you see I am stuck. Please help! As added motivation I will giveaway a $5 giftcard to either Target or Starbucks (or the store/restaurant of your choice) if you come up with the winning tagline!


Marie Stork said...

Thoughts of a mother "Thinking Out Loud"

Kristy said...

Here's my 4 cents worth~

writings of my heart as we grow in grace

Sharing moments, receiving blessings, growing together... A Mother's Blog

Mother of 4, and forever grateful

silent writings in a screaming world

Good luck! =)

Genny said...

I like your first one best! And maybe instead of annuls, change to "thoughts"? (I like the irony of thoughts of a mom trying to hear herself think.) Just an idea. Good luck!

Holly said...

I really like the tag line you use now: Listening for His Voice in the Midst of Everyday Life.

It describes you, and the things you write about, really well!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Scattered musings from me, a busy mom, straining to hear myself think.

or just:

Scattered musings from a busy mom.

Heidi said...

I can't hear you above the screaming in the background.
(that's what mine would say!) :) (and I only have 2 kids!)BUT, what you have is great! :) love ya! :)