Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Days

Snow Days. I have memories of waking up to a snow-covered yard, running downstairs and tuning into the radio hoping that I would hear Gridley schools listed with the other school closings. An unexpected day off with a yard full of snow to play in made for a very fun morning! Tromping through snow drifts, catching snowflakes on my tongue, making snow angels, taking in the transformation of our yard into a winter wonderland - all special parts of a snow day.

I loved snow as a kid, still do. The first snow of the year is always exciting. This year it came in force! Kory's office closed down today making the snow day official. Our house feels especially cozy with the wind howling around us and the wintery landscape featured in every window. A game of Monopoly and a cup of hot cocoa seem like obvious choices to fill our time.

"Its beautiful" Mya observed as she gazed at our backyard covered in snow. She wanted to look out all the other windows in the house to see if the snow was there too - it was. She couldn't wait to put her snowsuit on and head outside this morning.

What a blessing to share the excitement of the first snow of the year with a child and enjoy an unexpected snow day with my family!

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Taylor said...

I just LOVE Mya!!! She is so cute! I can just picture her running to all the windows in your house innocently looking to see if there is snow out that window - ha,ha,ha!!! Don't you love seeing life through our children's eyes?? Especially how their thought process works! I was visiting my mom and dad in Peoria this past weekend - I just got my car out yesterday! They had 8+ inches...