Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Day in the Life of Me

Somedays I think it would be better if I just didn't get out of bed. Let me tell you about one of those days:
  • 2:06 am Mya comes into our bedroom, wakes me up and tells me she wants to sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor
  • 5:35 am Mya wakes me up and tells me she wants to go back to her own bed
  • 6:00 am Kory's alarm wakes me up
  • 6:09 am Kory's alarm wakes me up again
  • 6:18 am Kory's alarm wakes me up again
  • 7:15 am The boys wake up with diapers so full, the diaper actually explodes (not alot of fun to clean up)
  • 8:20 am While checking my e-mail, one of the boys decides to turn the computer off
  • 8:57 am The house is too quiet, I go upstairs to discover Mya has opened my bedroom door and the boys are in my bathroom splashing in the toilet
  • 8:59 am As I get the boys dried off and out of my room, I discover Mya writing on a matte board I am planning on using to frame pictures of my angelic children.
  • 9:45 am I discover the boys behind the chair, pulling all of our CDs off the holder
  • 9:47 am As I am picking up the CDs I hear a crash as the boys knock our Christmas tree over (not our real one, thank goodness)
  • 10:38 am My palm pilot dies for no apparent reason - I feel lost.
  • 12:30 pm Mom arrives so I can go to a few appointments and grocery shop
  • 2:00 pm I make a quick stop at the post office - the only parking spot available is about 1 block away
  • 2:10 pm As I leave the post office a torrential downpour starts. I have no coat and no umbrella. I run one block to my car - losing my shoe once and arrive at my car looking like I just got out of the shower with my clothes on.
  • 2:20 pm I arrive at my eye doctor appointment looking like a drowned rat.
  • 4:30 pm I try to make supper while both boys are lying on the kitchen floor at my feet hysterical
  • 5:05 pm We start supper. Mya fills her mouth with carrots, realizes there is too much in her mouth and proceeds to spew them all over herself and the kitchen floor.
  • 5:06 pm The boys decide to join in the fun and throw their applesauce all over the floor as well as their spaghetti. (The comment could be made - "You could eat off of her kitchen floors.")
  • 5:25 pm Kory comes home to find a wife who has just stepped off the deep end (The phrase "one frie short of a happy meal" comes to mind)!

(Lest you think I really am going crazy, I must give a small disclaimer: I have not actually had a day like this, BUT all of the above scenarios have happened to me this week, with just enough time in between to keep me sane... barely!)

As Julie Ann Barnhill says "Motherhood ushers in (often with trumpets) a dawning awareness that things just aren't going to go as we'd first planned or imagined."

To that I say, "Hear, Hear".


Anonymous said...

Amen Sister!! Thankfully those days don't pile up all at once or I would go insane. The Lord gives me at least a day of respite every so often to keep me going ;) thanks for reminding me that we are not alone in this thing called mothering! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Megan -

Dad and I laughed till we cried!
As grandparents, this is entertaining. It is a good reminder for us to pray for you each day. You're a great Mommy and great at putting it into words for us to enjoy. Hopefully we are not laughing at you, but laughing with you. Love Mom K

MarknBarb said...

We rise up and call you "Blessed". You certainly are:)

Anonymous said...

Reminds of the "no good very bad day" book. "Some days (weeks) are like that, even in Australia." I feel for you, hon, but like Patsy, I laughed and laughed. Good reading!

hubergal said...

that sounds horrible!!!! i'm glad it wasn't truly all in one day. :)

smith was pretty good on the way home, btw. :) thanks for the prayers. and the weekend. it was so much fun.


Taylor said...

I actually believed that was one of your days! Too much action going on! I think that I would be in a perpetual state of panic attacks...