Saturday, November 04, 2006

Paying Tribute

Every year Easter Seals chooses a couple from the Peoria area to honor at an event they call the Tribute Dinner. They pick a couple who has given much over the years of their time and money to the community. The theme of the event usually coincides with the couples' interests. Friends of the couple speak of how giving and worthy of honor they are. Usually someone of local renown shares some thoughts, last night it was Congressman Ray LaHood, a few years ago it was U of I basketball coach Bill Self. It is a touching event that raises a lot of money for Easter Seals.

I wonder as we sit at the table listening to people talk of the accalaides and accomplishments of the honorees what it would feel like to be honored in that way. To have people publically proclaim your virtues and your giving spirit. Do they look back over their life and feel pride at what they have accomplished? What do they say to each other when they go home? Do they feel successful and worthy of the praise they received?

I wonder what I will have to show for myself when I reach the golden years of life. What will people say about me? Will I have lived a life worthy of honor? Will I have made a difference? More importantly what will my heavenly Father say to me when I reach my eternal home? The words I long to hear someday are "Well done, my good and faithful servant." If that is my goal, am I living today with that in mind?

Lots of questions - only time will tell what the answers are.