Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Little Things

My grandpa always comments on how "the little things make a big difference." (He also uses the saying "round pegs in round holes, square pegs in square holes" - but that is a different blog topic!) As I live my life I see more and more how the little things of life DO make a big difference.

It is the little moments that bring the most joy. A musical toy that makes us stop what we are doing and dance for 10 seconds. A game of "drop the blanket out of the crib and laugh hysterically while mommy picks it up" before naptime. My son bringing me his shoes, "uh-uhing" at me , then taking them away again while I sit at the computer. A spontaneous daddy who takes his kids sledding in the dark for 20 minutes before bed. Hearing my kids laugh
as they play together. Making my kids laugh when I play with them. I could go on and on. I'm sure you could add a hundred other small moments that bring joy to your day as well.

Although the "profession of motherhood" consists of many mundane and never-ending tasks (i.e. keeping the kitchen clean and laundry), it is the little joys that make me so thankful it is my chosen profession. Sharing the little moments with my kids brings fulfillment that no other job can give. It is not an easy job (its the little things that can break you too!) but it is an important job. I need reminded of that when I get lost in the monotony of the every day jobs. I also need reminded of that when all three kids are crying at my feet (i.e. 5 minutes ago). And when ... lets just say I need reminded a lot!

It would be easy for me to get impatient waiting for the "big things" in life to happen, wishing away time with thoughts like "I can't wait for them to walk" and "I can't wait til they can feed themselves." The problem when I think that way is that it distracts me from the little things, the small joys that make life special. Pardon me as I end how I began, "its the little things that make a big difference!"

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