Friday, April 22, 2011

Hard Love

I'm participating in 5-minute Friday today. Here's how it works...

She provides the prompt (today's is Hard Love), you write for 5 minutes, whatever comes, no editing, no tweaking, it doesn't have to be "just right".

Hard Love. Go.

Love feels hard today.

It is dark and gray outside. Clouds covering the sun. One of those clouds has creeped inside. It follows me wherever I go. Raining down negative thoughts.

I'd like to say it affects only me, but clouds like this tend to reproduce at a rapid rate. Frustration seeps out of me and, like it or not, affects the little people around me.

Love feels hard today.

I need a good dose of truth. I need to remember the sacrifice that was made for me. The greatest love ever shown in the history of the world. That was a day when love had to feel hard. Physically... the nails pushed through his hands and feet. Emotionally... they weight of the world pressing down on his shoulders. Spiritually... the God of the universe turning his back on his beloved son.

That day, love was hard. And the world has never been the same since. Stop.


Jennifer said...

Nice to meet you via Gypsy Mama. Well done. Hard not to think about Jesus' sacrifice with a prompt like Hard Love. So great to read your thoughts.

Gaby said...

Hard love at its best, indeed. And then we are called to love likewise, which is the hardest thing to do of all, isn't it?

Here from Lisa-Jo's place.

L, Ann and boys said...

Christian just spilled coffee all over the desk while I was trying to read this...good thing it was about hard love or he may not have didn't seem to accidental to me-he may need a hug or two. ;)