Friday, August 27, 2010

A Neighborhood Parade, of sorts...

It was kind of like a parade.

A one-float, one block, neighborhood parade.

Eight houses down from us, a play set was left on the curb. We had been talking about enlarging our swing set, the play set on the curb was very similar to the addition we had been planning.

That got Kory thinking... which almost always leads to action.

So, last night, Grandpa brought the truck, neighbors provided a sled and manpower, and our little parade began.

Completed by an audience of neighborhood kids (mostly ours).

Kory's biggest concern was having enough manpower to transfer the play set.

As he was getting ready to go down and start the move, a couple walking their dogs stopped to chat. He offered to help.

Then as our strange little entourage approached the driveway, a man, who we never officially met but have seen around the neighborhood, jumped out of his van and offered his assistance as well as two rollered platforms.

We had the perfect amount of help exactly when we needed it.

As they moved into the yard, I thought how cool to have neighbors willing to help like that. People we barely know, as well as our next door neighbors made themselves available.

I've gotta think if there is a need most people want to help. Sometimes they don't know how, don't want to interfere, or just don't know.

If we put ourselves out there and ask, or accept help, a connection is made.

Giving, receiving, sharing, living together. In an age where it is easy to isolate yourself, sitting in front of the TV or computer, connection/community is becoming rare.

This made last night even more special.

I'm going to admit it, the thought of dragging a play set down the street struck me as a little awkward and slightly hilarious. I'm glad we did it (using the word "we" very lightly). It made me thankful for our neighbors, including the ones we don't really know.

And we got a free play set!

It needs a little sprucing up, but I think it will be the perfect addition!


Jessica said...

that is so funny :)
I actually saw that on the side of the road on wednesday and thought it would be a pretty good piece! Glad you got it for free!

Jami said...

that's great mego!!

smw said...

that is awesome. you saved a ton of money, and it's really cool how your neighbors helped!

Our Journey to Grace and Olivia said...

I love this!

Missy said...

free is beautiful.