Monday, August 09, 2010

Listening In

A little background: A couple of weeks ago I saw the beginnings of a wasp nest in our garage. I saw a wasp at that time, but haven't seen one since. I must have mentioned it to the kids. This morning, this is what I heard...

M: Simon and Jonah do you want to go out in the garage with me to get my book?

(apparently they know about the wasps nest too)

S: No

M: It will be so fun. We will run out really quick and run back.

J: I don't really want to.

M: God and Jesus will be with you and me and if you get stung it won't be a big deal we can just put some baking soda on it.

S: Is a wasp in the car?

M: Come on, this is your last chance.

And with that she convinced S to go with her, while J watched from the door with encouragement when they returned, "at least you didn't get stung!"


Rachel Lynn said...

Megan, that's hysterical. I love kids and the things they come up with/say. So cute!
Hope you all are doing well :)

smw said...

so cute. :) what funny kids

Daish said...

That is so cute. :) Your kids are so loveable to me.