Friday, January 15, 2010

Moments of Mommyhood

"You are dumb"

"I don't want you to talk to me"

tears, giggles, sounds of happy play, tears again

"both of us are dumb"

yelling, return to happy play.

All taking place in the span of a minute.

The cycles of childhood play and sibling rivalries are a thing of wonder...

and frustration.

They are the moments of mommyhood.

Moments rarely remembered on their own. Only a handful, out of millions stand out.

To live in the moment, NOW, is the only way to take advantage of them.
For they all too quickly fade away leaving a general feeling of what was.

Take advantage of your moments today for nothing can stop their passing and you never know how many you have.

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Jami said...

CUTE!! I love those kids!