Monday, January 18, 2010

Look Out, Here Comes the Ice Cream Truck!


Is this what 92 will feel like?

My legs throb as I slowly make my way around the house, especially when I go up and down stairs. My arms ache, picking things up off the floor is hard. Waving is hard. My body feels like its been hit by an ice cream truck.

But in an odd way, I am thankful for the hurt because its presence means my body is growing stronger. I did inflict it on myself when I made the decision to exercise yesterday...

But it is still pain.

I like to be comfortable. I think most people desire it at some level. But making comfort the goal can be a dangerous thing.

When I remain comfortable, I don't grow. But it is so hard to get out of my comfort zone and pursue hard things.

It is a constant battle. I go back and forth in my mind weighing the pros and cons. Sometimes comfort wins, sometimes it doesn't. The examples vary from day to day. It can be making the choice to exercise, or making a meal for someone instead of taking advantage of a little down time.

It could be making the decision to talk out a hard subject with a spouse when it sounds so much easier to ignore the problem, or giving a gift that is not "in the budget" to help someone in need.

How do you push out of your comfort zone and do the hard things the bring depth to life?

Self-discipline is important, but I think the key is when grace shows up to give the extra push. Because without supernatural help, I don't think many of us would get very far.

I am learning that important things usually result in some level of pain and discomfort and hard work.

They also result in joy and purpose and a meaningful life.

And these are things worth fighting for, even when the end result feels like waking up in the middle of the road as the ice cream truck drives away.

How about you? What helps you push out of your comfort zone?


Jami said...

Great post Mego. It really is in the everyday decisions isn't it? One step at a time...we don't have to know HOW, we just need to keep our eyes on the One who does!

Taylor said...

I'm with Jami - great post!! I am giving up some big things this year - specifically an excercise class I love (this one I pay for) - I've wrestled with God over it and Satan has tempted me with all my fears giving it up might happen. But I am counting on being obedient and the blessings that will bring. Oh, and I am sick b/c I like being sore!! I feel like I can be lazy then - like I've earned it ;)

megs @ whadusay said...

or I feel like I can eat whatever I want because I just burned calories... :)

Taylor said...

Ha, ha, ha!!! Yeah, I that too!!