Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Contest You can Win!

I am excited to share a fun opportunity with you!

To celebrate the release of Hearts at Home’s newest book: Living With Less So Your Family Has More, by Jill and Mark Savage, the Hearts at Home blog is launching the Living with Less Contest.

Email Hearts at Home a story or money-saving tip that gives a peek into your daily experiences representing the humor, richness, or spiritual aspects of what it’s like to live with less.

Better yet, blog readers will benefit as many of the money-saving entries will be posted on the Heart’s blog throughout the month of February!

For contest details go here!


Taylor said...

Oh, I really need this one!! We are trying to be better managers of God's money....I'd like to know how to go to the grocery store and by $200 worth of food for a $1!! Some people are really good at these kinds of things!

megs @ whadusay said...

Well, you won't learn how to buy $200 worth of food for $1, but you will learn the attitudes needed (as well as lots of practical tips) on how to be a better manager of the resources God has given you.

It is a really good book. I would highly recommend it!