Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Lesson from American Idol

American Idol is on again (My name is Megs and I watch American Idol.)

I will never understand the people who sound more annoying than the word mom repeated 235 times who actually think they can sing. I'm sure part of it is trying to grab a little bit of fame, but some of them seem genuinely surprised when the judges tell them their voices are terrible. They sob into their support group and rally against the judges, after all their mom told them they sing beautifully.

If Simon Cowell ever tells my kids they can't sing, I will take it personally. Here is why: It means I have let my children believe something about themselves that isn't true. If I can not be honest with my kids about the quality of their talents, or lack there of, then I have failed them at some level as a mom.

Don't get me wrong, I believe it is important to encourage my kids, especially in the areas they are gifted, but to tell my child she sings beautifully (when she doesn't and I don't want to hurt her feelings) or that he played a great game of baseball (when he struck out every time and I want him to feel better about himself) is a lie. I am only setting them up for failure and potential embarrassment down the road.

Instead, I hope God grants me the wisdom to guide them towards the areas he has gifted them in and push them towards their strengths.

Susie Larson pens a prayer in her upcoming book Growing Grateful Kids (due to be released March 1!), that resonates with me. I have taken it as my own and pray it over my kids.

It goes like this:

Give us a vision for our children's life so we can cooperate with You in its fulfillment. Give our children a heart for their call at a young age so they will make choices that line up with that call.
That is my prayer, and this has been my tirade. :)

Please keep me accountable, so that the only way my child ends up on American Idol, is because she actually has talent!


Mindy said...

love this post Megan!

I can't wait to read that book! It sounds great!

Amber said...

that is such a neat prayer to pray for our kids. I may just have to steal it. : )

thanks for your words Megan!

megs @ whadusay said...

It is a great book Mindy, I'm looking forward to rereading it!

Amber, since I "stole" it from Susie, I guess you can steal it from me! :)

Janie S. said...

Yeah!!!! (I am cheering!) Yeah!!!!

Rachel Lynn said...

I definitely agree with you on the being irritated with the delusional people on American Idol (yup, we watch it in our house too! :)). UGH!!!
I enjoyed thinking about your post, kids yet here ;), but it's definitely super important to keep all of those things you wrote about in mind when raising kids!
Wouldn't it be just sickening to see your kid on tv "singing" horribly (while dressed in one of those interesting numbers that some audition-ees choose?!). Oh man!

megs @ whadusay said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for the cheers! :)

Hi Rachel! Yep, I just don't understand what possesses people to act and dress that way - don't they understand they look like a fool!!