Monday, September 21, 2009

My Whole Face

It is far to easy to be swept away in the to-dos of living. The details that carry us downstream so fast we hardly take time to enjoy the view.

Things like housekeeping, cooking, writing, and schooling fill the time, occupy thoughts, and distract from the LIFE that is streaming by. Not that we can't LIVE while doing these things, its just sometimes we don't. We methodically get things done, paying little attention to the people around us. Suddenly another month is gone in a blur leaving behind the lingering questions of where did it go and what actually happened?

Lately I've found myself carried away in the to-dos.

Lucky for me, I have two 4-year olds who call me out and force me to focus on, well, them.

It sounds something like this: "Listen to me with your whole face mom."

So I look up, observe, listen, take in the scenery and unwrap the moment.

I participate in the lives around me, if only for a minute.

And even though the current doesn't slow down and the to-dos still need to be done, the ride becomes more enjoyable because two little boys take turns reminding me to relish the view.


Amber said...

Ava's question is always "mommy, where are you. . . " even if I'm right next to her. I've thought so many times, though, is that we all really are asking and wanting . . .someone to be completely "there" when we're with them!

emily freeman said...

Isn't it amazing how they know when we are only listening with part of our face? I have a sick one home today...thanks for reminding me to revel in this time alone with her.

Unknown said...

okay that is so perfect. Kids calling us out. Calling out to us. Love this post, and I'm going to remember to use my whole face more.thx

Dawn said...

love this... so much.

Marla said...

I loved this post.


Leslie Ringger said...

and again i will say it...great post mego!

Renata said...

How cute! I think it's good that kids remind us to enjoy the now!

Sharone said...

Oh wow: "listen to me with your whole face." Not listening with my whole face is something I'm guilty of almost constantly. Thanks for the reminder of the beauty that can come from letting go of the to-do list--even for just a moment. :)