Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Giveaways Galore!!!

Hello Bloggy Friends. It has been a while since I've done a giveaway. And I have BIG news. In the month of February, yes that would be this month, I will be giving something away every week.

That's right, one giveaway EVERY WEEK!

And, I'm starting the giveaways off with a bang!

I have a certificate that will give one couple free registration to a Family Life Weekend to Remember marriage conference. (Regular conference rate is $258 per couple so this is a good deal!) The certificate does not cover hotel, meals or transportation. It must be mailed in, so be sure to pick a conference far enough in advance that will allow for this. Certificate expires August 31, 2010.

You can go here to find out the times and locations that are available.

You can go here to find the conference schedule.

And, you can go here to find out more about the conference.

On a personal note, Kory and I went five years ago and we are going again this year. It is a great chance to get away with your spouse and focus on your relationship. Life gets so busy it is easy to let the little things slip.

To win... Leave a comment telling me one thing you love about your spouse.

Please enter only if you can use this certificate or know of someone who can.
Winner will be announced Friday (Feb. 6) .


Jessica said...

Oh pick me pick me! I love many things about Darin but one thing that I so appreciate is how he is so sensitive to making sure I feel "refreshed". For example, recently he came home and he could tell it had been quite a day...he said right away, Why dont you go to Borders and grab some quiet time and coffee after dinner! I am sure he had had a long day as well and was ready to take a break but he was very selfless and sensitive and I appreciate that about him very much.

Amber said...

OHHH - count me in . ..not to mention the fact that a get-away in a year could be sounding VERY nice! : )

It is such a neat weekend and whoever gets it will be so blessed. What a great giveaway.

As for Ryan and ONE great thing I love about him . . .I guess I'll go to the present for this one.

Obviously throughout this pregnancy, I have been increasingly limited in what I can around our home. Each month, more and more of the day to day grind has fallen on his shoulders. At the same time, work on his end has gotten busier.

Yet through it all, he has shown such a servant heart of doing the less than fun things around here and at the same time encouraging me to take the rest that I need. Not to mention taking the time each night to make a little girl's day in playing with her. He's never once made me feel guilty, "less" of a wife or like I should be the one doing it; Even on the nights I know he's exhausted and would love to crash himself.

It isn't always easy to have sit back and see him pick up "my slack," but his servant heart throughout has blessed me to be able to do so. I know that it is a huge part of why this pregnancy has gone as well as it has.

That is just ONE of many reasons that I love him.

Kristy said...

Wow, Jess, Darin just won hubbie of the month! :)

Megs, this is an amazing gievaway! You are so thoughtful! OK - 1 thing I LOVE about Chad is how he keeps Christ at the center of our family! 1 of the things he's been so faithful in doing, is saying a prayer on our way to church each Sunday morning! So no matter how insane the morning has gone so far, we have those moments to go to God as a family & 'calm our hearts'. :) Great Idea, Meg!!

(and we did go to one shortly after we were married-it was a gift from his parents. But we would LOVE to go again-it would be SO much more effective (& needed!) right now!) :)

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Megan~ we will make a date work if chosen! God has been good to us for the four years of marriage that we celebrate. This past year, though, God has revealed more about His love for me through Kirk than ever before. At times, I have clung onto God and him as my only constant and familiar thing around me. When everything was foreign, strange, and overwhelming, Kirk was there to hold me, and together we walked that road. God held me through Kirk's arms and gave me assurance of His presence and faithfulness to me. Even as Kirk walked me through those hard and even fearful moments, God walked hand in hand with me and even held me during those times. I praise God for giving me this constant companion who is displaying to me new dimensions of His love!

Marie Stork said...

Fun giveaway! I've always wanted to go to this so it would be a fun way to go--winning it--I have lots of things I love about Mike but the one that stands out most to me is that he is my very best friend. Having to move 2400 miles away from my family and all my friends and basically start over--he always listens to me and when I feel like I don't really have any girlfriends he always reminds me that I only need him....he's always there. Now through the years I've made lots of friends but I can honestly say, he's really my only one TRUE friend. It's until death do us part.

Sandra said...

Ive always wanted to go to one of these and in fact was planning on going then we moved here and had no sitter....but we hope to move back this year and therefor I'll find a sitter and we can have a date away. What a neat give away.
One of the many things I love about nick is he is so helpful in the kitchen. I know it seems so small and simple...yet every meal he helps clean the kitchen and makes no fuss. Sometimes I will wish I had a maid cause I don't want to do any of it, and he will step up and say...let me just do it tonight!! Thanks babe!

Kasey said...

I'm with Keri on this one, if we win, we will find a way to use this. I also must somewhat echo Keri's thoughts on her spouse. Living abroad has given me a whole new love and appreciation for Daniel. I love how he has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and do some things that I never imagined I could do. And, he has been exactly the support I need as I have been stretched and challenged along the way. He has been so sensitive and has even expressed being proud of me and how I've adjusted and that feels so good. The truth is that God is the one who has called us to this, and he has used Daniel to help pull me along in the process, and it is God who has equipped me to do what I could have never done on my own. I'm so grateful to my God and my wonderful husband. I seriously feel like the luckiest gal on earth!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooooohhh...I'm in! I'd love to go and there is one close by! I love my hubby for so, so, so many reasons. I have really enjoyed the way he interacts with our son and watching him blossom into the father he has become has been an inspiration to me. He goes above and beyond the call of fatherhood and being a husband!
Thanks for the chance to win this great give away!

I love the new header on your blog!

Tami said...

don't put my name in the drawing since if i won it, i would just give it away to one of the people that commented here. :) wouldn't that be so akward if i went on my own?!
just wanted to comment on your giveaway galore! we should call you "Oprah"..."You get a conference pass! You get a conference pass! You all get a conference pass!" :) How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. :)

soli deo gloria said...

Hi Megan-Sorry I have never commented. I am a friend of Sarah Fiechter and have been reading your blog through hers. I married Michael Reinhard (Family Camp?) in 2003 and we have a son, Deacon who will be 1 on April 3. We are so thankful for the help that LifeSong provided for us. Our prayers are with you as you continue on your adoption journey. Oh, and something I love about Michael is how when I am struggling with something, he knows me so well and he knows my needs. Sometimes I just need to talk and sometimes I want answers from him, and sometimes I just need to sit in the still and 'breathe the same air' and that is comforting enough. God's blessings! Jane Reinhard

Summer said...

what a great giveaway! i've heard great things about that conference and would love to go.

it's so hard to just pick ONE thing about matt that i love...but here goes...

being pregnant 4 times in the last 5 years of marriage has turned me into quite the rollercoaster of emotions! not to mention the tragedies we've endured together admist the past 5 years. but no matter how crazy i get, or hormonal :), he has always made me feel supported and accepted. i know it would be so easy for him to just say "enough is enough!" but he is SO patient with me and loves me - even with all my ups and downs :)

Janel said...

I hope I'm not to late! I read your blog through Sarah's. I've been married 3.5 years and have been so blessed by my husband. So many times I don't feel like expressing my feelings, but he will gently help me to open up. I'm so thankful that the Lord brought us together and we would love to go to this conference. Thanks for the opportunity!!