Monday, February 23, 2009

The Final Giveaway

The final giveaway for the month of February is an idea book: Dates on a Dime! This little book is "full of simple, frugal date ideas and money-saving tips that help you stay under budget with over-the-top romance!"
To enter the giveaway leave a comment sharing something you do to make your husband feel loved (big or small) by Friday, February 27 at 12:00 pm.
The winner will be announced on Friday afternoon.


Llama Momma said...

Great giveaway!

One thing I do to make my husband feel loved...give him my full attention at some point every day. Sometimes, it's after dinner, when we tell the kids we need some time to talk. For ten minutes, they can amuse themselves and I give him my full attention.

I listen to what he's saying and put my own agenda on doing this, I communicate to him that he's important to me and what he thinks is important.

I don't judge what he's saying or even agree or disagree. I just listen.

Simply being present to him has gone a long way in making our marriage a safe refuge...for both of us.

Amber said...

One little thing that doesn't cost any money (or barely if you want to get technical) : ), is writing short notes on Ryan's mirror with soap.

And since I happen to be up often during the night : ), I can write them then and surprise him when he gets up in the morning to get ready for work.

Sandra said...

I asked nick this question to see what he thought and his response was...."even though I take it for always have meals planned and ready for me when I get home. Also you take care of me and worry about me when I am sick. You make sure that I am feeling as best as I can be."

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Fun, another giveaway!
My husband always says that food is a way to a man's heart. Oh, so true! I love to make him his favorite dessert on occasion or a favorite meal. You know, the BBQ ribs and beans kind of meal!

Marla H. said...

This book sounds good. mmmmmm....Once I got these post its that were lips and stuck hid little notes that had all the reasons why I love him all over the his briefcase, car, tv remote, mirrors ect. He love it! I like to stick little notes (even one that aren't "post-it lips") in his briefcase ocassionally to give him a little pick-me-up.

Christina said...

I do all kinds of little things.
--Make his favorite dinners
--give the kids a bath so he doesn't have to.
--send him text messages that just say "I love you"
--I say things that only he and I understand
--I serve him when he doesn't expect it.

Mindy said...

When I cook I have Michael rate the meals that I make. If I make a meal he doesn't like then I usually throw away the recipe, even if I like it. I always try to make foods that he will enjoy and have them ready when he walks in the door from work.

I also try to buy BBQ potato chips for him because they are his favorite even though I don't really care for them. :)

Bekah Brooks said...

This giveaway sounds great - us newlyweds trying to get used to a budget could really use it :)

One thing I do to make my husband feel special, is meet him at the door with a kiss...instead of waiting for him to find me in the midst of making supper, etc. This way, he knows I am excited to see him, and he's not just another "thing" to fit into my busy day.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Marie Stork said...

Don't enter me in the contest since I won last week--but wanted to leave a comment. I know for my hubby--special food is what gets to his heart. Like Mindy said''BBQ chips" and label them only for dad--otherwise the other kids eat them. But when he's having a snack--he usually shares with the kids and it's special time with daddy because he's sharing--and they all gather around and have a great time. For them it's usually chips and salsa time. On my "to do" list today is to make him a coconut cream pie--I wanted to do this for him on Valentines day but he surprised me and took me on a night away and I have not gotten the job done yet.

Kristy said...

I make special treats for him- trying out new recipes, etc. I also try to make sure he has some down time when he gets home from work- I know it can be a bombardment of chaos so I try to be patient while he unwinds, checks email, or whatever for a couple of minutes. On his days off of school, I try to not plan things the entire day so he feels like he gets a break as well. And I always let Illini games trump whatever I want to watch on tv! : )

hubergal said...

woohoo!! i'd like this book! we've gone a little crazy lately. :)

hmmm... lately i've been thinking that giving him well thought out, meaningful compliments is one of the best ways to show him love an encouragement. not just a general, "you're a great husband" but something specific.

are we still on for memorial day?

Daish said...

I think it's my turn to win this one. Meg, you should put my name in their a couple of times, or maybe three. Deal?

So as far as what I do for my husband. I have to say this made me realize that I'm not doing nearly as much intentional stuff as I used to. :( I think about Stu alot though, sometimes I've wondered if it's been kind of nice for him to not have me so focused on him. I'm serious too. ANYWAYS, I try to listen to Stu when he talks. If he is expressing a desire to do something or change something, I make it my goal to help him in anyway I'm gifted. I like to see him achieve things he desires.

Alesa said...

Most of all, I try to be his encourager, his sounding board and listener to his ideas. I try to speak highly about him to other people. Other than that...he loves Sweedish Fish and Sour Patch well as a good back scratch :)