Monday, February 16, 2009

I've Lost the Big M.

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have been lacking slightly in motivation to blog. Not only that, but blogging topics seem to be eluding me.

Through the giveaways, your comments and ideas have carried this blog. Somewhat covering up my lack of posts.

Not to pressure you or anything, but I'm looking to you to carry this blog. At least for the next week or maybe two...

I can't wait to read your comments and marriage advice.

And maybe by next week, I'll find my elusive blogging motivation again. Maybe the topics will start to find their way into my head.

But until then, thanks for keeping me afloat! :)


Anonymous said...

So this was not so much received, but in the many years we have been married I realized that if I did research (a lot of thinking/searching) of my problem before addressing Luke with it I could then say here is the real issue instead of fighting over many little things that were not really the problem. So I guess my finding the root of what is really bothering me saves us a lot of small arguments & motivates Luke to listen to me more since he trusts that I am not wasting his time. Great giveaways by the way. Love, J

Marla H. said...

Hey I just wanted to shout out to you and say that I had a great time with you Saturday at the coffee! I already have that book that you are offering in week 3 of the giveaways. It's a great book. I got it when Jill came to speak to the Minooka MOPS group when were living up north.

Tami said...

Well, I think you do a great job not losing the 'Big M' since you're always really creative on your blog, so you deserve a hiatus (sp?). I wish I could contribute in keeping the blog afloat, but i'm afraid i'm fresh out of marriage advice. :) see you friday!!! :)

Renata said...

I have as well. Wondering if it's just this time of year, or maybe everyone goes through a slump after a year of blogging?