Friday, February 13, 2009

This week's winner!

And the winner of the the book Coffee Dates for Couples is


Ann - please e-mail me your mailing address (use the "e-mail me" tab on the side of my blog) and I will send your prize!

Be sure to check back on Monday to find out what next week's giveaway will be.


L, Ann and boys said...

Ann as in me right!?! =o) I'm so excited and will e-mail you soon soon soon with the mailing address. =o)


Tami said...

i love your contests, megan!!! it's so fun. actually, i was thinking, you know how oprah does her"favorite things" epidsode? i was thinking that if i could save up some money, i may do a bunch of giveaways of my favorite (non-expensive things) like she does. don't worry, i don't hope to pattern my life after her in other ways. :)
congratulations, ann! isn't it so fun to win something?!