Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Unexpected Gift

This year we started a new tradition. We had our kids exchange names and "buy" a gift for each other. Last night we exchanged those gifts.

They were excited. Excited to open presents, yes. But also excited to watch their siblings open their presents. It was fun to watch!

Kory and I exchanged presents too.

Mine came in a big, microwave sized box. Which contained a smaller box, which contained a smaller box. (I remember watching my mom open similar presents from my dad.) I love what he got me - Kory is a great gift-giver. Because of the packaging, the actual gift was unexpected. It got me thinking...

So much of the Christmas story is unexpected.

A virgin girl gave birth to the Lord of Hosts. What must she have felt when the angel came to her? What was it like to hold the baby Jesus? What was it like to look into his eyes? God as a baby! What was it like?

Shepherds were the first to know. Poor, stinky shepherds out in a field! What was it like to see the angels singing, "Glory to God in the Highest!" What did they feel as they went to find the baby? when they saw him? What was it like?

Wise men traveled from afar. Foreigners bringing expensive gifts to a little, unknown Jewish boy. Why did they follow the star? What did they think they would find? What did they think when they found him? What was it like?

God giving the best gift ever given - his son. Jesus, leaving the glory of heaven to be born as a man. What was it like to bow down and worship him that first Christmas morning? To reach out and touch the hand of a baby who would save your soul. What was it like?

An unexpected story written by a God who loves us infinitely.

May you experience the wonder of the Christmas story this season.

May you be blessed with unexpected gifts in unlikely packages.

May you experience joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus - the one who changed everything!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Happy Birthday Jesus.


Marla said...

Beautiful post.

Your mom

Jami said...

yes, Beautiful!

Your sister :)

Renata said...

Hope you have a very happy christmas! We also took the kids shopping seperately for each other - however they told what they have bought - never mind it will still be fun for them to open!