Friday, April 11, 2008

Help for Your Organization Woes!

I am participating in Lysa TerKeurst's organizational swap and hop today. If you have an organizational problem area in your house, hop on over to Lysa's blog and find out how you can get help (and win Karen Ehman's new book The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized!).

I have already hopped around a few blogs and discovered that my problem area is not unique. My kitchen counter is a literal breeding ground for clutter. And when I do finally clean it off, stuff somehow finds its way back in record time. HELP!

Honestly, some of the stuff that accumulates on my counter top I don't know WHAT to do with, so it just lays there. Periodically I will rearrange it so it is more aesthetically pleasing. I even got a divided basket which helped, but somehow "things" continue to find there way to my counter top and I am TIRED of it!

If you have any ideas on how I can crack my counter-top clutter, please share!


Anonymous said...

I used to struggle with the countertop clutter as well. My answer was to put everything in a bag, and put the bag in a safe place. After a month, anything that was still in the bag either got filed or trashed. I realized I was hanging on to a lot of things I didn't really need.

Bobbie said...

The only thing that I can think of because well, I have this problem also, would be to ask yourself if this is were it really belongs, or if it would benefit someother area? Now, if that area is a trash can that is ok too. If it needs filed, do it immediately. If is is junk mail, throw it away. If the kids and the hubby are the ones putting stuff up there, call them in there and ask them were it really goes and to put it there please. That way they get out of the habit of just putting stuff on the counter. Now, this might lead to another place in the house becoming a hotspot but, hey, at least the counter is cleaned off. lol.

I hope something in there helps.

Tammy said...

Ohhh, sister, I feel your pain. I did not post on my kitchen counter because I decided their was not much I could do for it. I have also tried the bins and baskets but to no avail it all just comes back.

I trash the junk mail immediately but the other stuff just piles up during the week.

In a weird way, seeing others live like me has made me feel much better! ;-)

Erin said...

I have either a basket, bag, or little container in strategic spots around the house where stuff piles up - kitchen counter, laundry room, top of the stairs, bottom of the stairs, etc...Then when they fill up, everything gets sorted and put back in its "home." This works well for me because it not only cuts down on clutter but provides a very quick "clean-up" when we're having last-minute guests because I can stash the baskets in a closet if I want. I also have a huge wall piece that says "SIMPLIFY" right above my counter "catch-all" spot. It's a great reminder & motto.