Monday, April 21, 2008

Cherish Today

As a young mom, one piece of advice I hear repeated over and over is "cherish these days with your kids because they pass all too quickly." This piece of advice is usually prefaced by the words, "you probably hear this all the time, but its true."

I've been thinking about those words. I hear them a lot. I'm glad I hear them a lot because they are true and often, I need the reminder.

I cherish my kids. I really do enjoy this stage of life. It makes me sad when I realize how fast it is going. But, I still need the reminder because sometimes I get busy. Sometimes I spend more time cooking, cleaning, writing, blogging, bill-paying, etc. than I spend cherishing my children. Not that any of those things are bad. Some of them are necessary. All of them have their proper place.

It just comes down to this. At the end of my life (or even at the end of this season of my life), I will not look back and regret time spent reading books, coloring, taking walks, playing games, and being with my kids. But, if I let busyness steal away those moments, there will be regret.

Take time today to:

- look into your child's face, memorize it as it is today in your mind's eye
- tickle your child
- give your little one a bear hug and tell them how much they mean to you
- read a book together
- go for a walk and enjoy God's creation
- color together
- play together
- laugh together

We only have a few short years with our children before they are grown. Cherish the stage of life you are in today so that when you look back there will be no regrets.


Christina said...

I've been thinking about this lately as well. My brother says that we (the collective "we" who are raising babies now) are more aware of the passing of time and that as stay at home mom's we are getting a gift that a lot of parents don't get.

So I to am making every effort to savor the moments and find joy in the journey.

Jessica said...

I loved this post! It is a great reminder! Last night I was just talking to Darin about this and the daily battle to get things done and still spend quality time with our boys. We decided it is definitly quality over quantinty that is more important! We can all sit in the same room as our children for hours and think it is spending time with them, but getting on the floor and giggling and laughing so hard for even just 10 or 15 minutes is SO important for the kids and for US! I am determined to live this life with kiddos with NO regrets (I think it is possible, right)! So glad we can do this thing called "parenting" together!

Katie said...

Great Post, I am trying to enjoy every minute I can with the kiddos, Anna will 7 weeks this Friday, that went too fast and James carries on conversations with me. I will say my wife duties totally are slacking, so bad I forgot to pay the water bill. OOPS

I have learn that when I check email or blogg, I have James sit by me and we do it together, it takes FOREVER, but I know it will not last forever.

I have to leave this comment and I am done, I listen to coutry music a lot and this song reminds of your post,

Jami said...

Megan - GREAT post!! Just as I was reading, Paige walked down from quiet time. Many times, I would say, "Girlie get back up...WHAT DO YOU WANT??" (in exasporated tones)

Today, I opened my arms and hugged her tight! It was special and made us both feel loved! :)

Thanks Mego! Love you!