Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Buddies

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My buddies: Laugh together, play trains together (although Simon prefers cars!), get in trouble together, make messes together... LOVE being together.

And yet they can be so different...

One wants to do everything on his own. "I do it" he tells me. Fits come when I try to help him, even when he can't do it himself.

The other wants me to do everything for him, even walking sometimes ("Carry me mommy") and throws fits when I don't.

One is quick to help and even sings the "clean up" song.

The other is quick to say "no."

They both make me laugh... and cry.

I am so thankful for my buddies!


Jami said...

Oh boys I LOVE YOU TOO!!

Adorable picture!!!! :)

Taylor said...

That is so sweet! I love it! It is amazing how different twins can be! I worked with one twin for 2 years and I couldn't believe how different her and her sister were. Now, who is who? (I also always knew who was who since I was with her so much!)

Tami said...

I love that picture!!!!! You know I'm one of your kids' biggest fans. :)

Leslie Ringger said...

megs, i love this picture so much it currently resides on my computer's desktop. i love my boys!!!!

Kasey said...

What cute little buddies! I wish I was close by so I could kiss on those soft cheeks!!! I love you boys!

Megan, I love you to and I'm missing you! Maybe I'll call you sometime so we can chat!