Friday, February 22, 2013

A House Tour

Today we were given a gift.

We had the opportunity to visit Angel House. We talked with the women who loved on our kiddos. We thanked them and prayed with them. We saw the yard where our little boy plays and the bed where he sleeps. We talked with the PT who worked with Suhn and Zak. She was so sweet. It was truly a pleasure to meet her under much less stressful circumstances than last time (she was the woman who handed Suhn to me!).

Kory had the chance to talk a little shop and share a few PT strategies as well as do a mini-session with one of the kiddos. 

We also shared videos of Suhn with them. Many of them remember her and asked about her. It was so fun to tell them how she is doing. Again, the fact that they remember her and asked about her speaks volumes to the care they put into the children they serve. When we talked to them about Zak, a few had tears in their eyes as they thought of saying good-bye to him. 

We also had the privilege of meeting Eva Deng. Eva is the director and founder of Angel House. It was so fun talking to her. She is one special lady.

There are currently 43 sweet kiddos at Angel House. It is a privately run home, funded completely by donations. I am so thankful for the women of Angel House and the way they care for children. They have had a huge impact on our family and hold a very special place in our heart.

Our time passed so quickly. Thinking back, there are so many questions I wish I would have asked, but those will have to wait. Did I mention, how thankful I was for the experience (wanted to make sure you caught that).

Once we left, it was time for a late lunch. 

One of the reason we brought our boys is so they could experience a new culture, so with that in mind we hit the streets looking for the perfect restaurant to help us meet that goal.

A block away, the golden arches beckoned. Culture 101: lunch at a Chinese McDonald's. 

No more plans for the rest of the day. Chilling in our room until dinner when we hope to eat a little more authentically. 

It's been a good day.


Kathie Steinberg said...

Megan...Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We are so thankful for the staff at Angel House! It is clear from the pics that they absolutely love the children and take such good care of them...what a blessing to know they are taking care of our kiddos! I'm sure it will now make it a long wait until Monday for you!! =)

sarah.flyingkites said...

enjoying these posts. keep em up!

love and prayers!

Chelby said...

oh, Ive been checking your blog....anxious for the 1st post! Praying for all of you!

Our Journey to Grace and Olivia said...

I love it! So thrilled to read this. Are they in that big house now????? I knew they moved. What was it like? So glad you met Eva and the other lady. I met them both too. There hearts are pure gold! We were so lucky to have our kiddos loved on like they did. There is no doubt in my mind.

Kristal said...

We exchanged a few emails early last year before we traveled to adopt our Angel House guy. I am so happy that you had a chance to visit the home and meet the caretakers!
Good luck with your new little fella! I am so happy for him and your family!

Amanda Petrosky said...

My BABY!!!!!!!! I have fifty questions but I'm going to be good and simply say THANK YOU!!!!!

smw said...

what a neat experience.

arlan and katie said...

Thanks for the first post and thankful for your Angel House visit!
Keep those pics coming!

likeschocolate said...

What a great blessing?