Monday, July 09, 2012

The Telling of a Story

God is an exciting author and sometimes He gives us a glimpse at how perfectly He is weaving our stories together. I imagine in Heaven when all has become clear we will be AMAZED at how the plots of our days on earth twisted and came together.

When we first got the e-mail, making us aware that little boy existed I honestly did not think life was going to change. It took me 24 hours to tell Kory about it and even that was a passing, "I got a funny e-mail yesterday" kind of conversation.

A year before I had peeked at the waiting kids on our agency's website, feeling an itch, but not knowing where to scratch. A couple months after that I felt completely at peace with our family the way it was. I thought that IF adoption was in our future, it would be years down the road once our kids were older.

That was where I was. I thought we were done expanding our family for the near future.

And then we were asked to adopt again.

We were never opposed to the idea. We just didn't know if it was right. But as the days turned into a week and then two, the thought of little boy grew in my mind and wouldn't leave. We started to talk about it. I would ask what Kory thought about little boy, if anything. We discussed the logistics, the cost, the emotional impact.

Then Suhn asked to see her baby pictures, and we found a picture of Suhn and little boy together.

Just the two of them.
A picture of our china babies together, in China, waiting for our family.

We found out they were from the same city in China. They both spent the majority of their pre-family life at Angel House in Beijing. They even lived their together for a short time. They also happen to have the same special need.

It still took us a month to actually start the adoption process. Kory is making a job change in a couple weeks and was in the midst of sharing that news (because why make one huge, life-altering decision when you can make two at the same time). But, when I saw that picture it felt pretty clear where we were heading. 

When we called our agency to see if they would even be able to find His file, it took ONE minute to do so creating one more open door for us to walk through.

Yep, this is one story that has me hooked!

I can't wait to see the plot thicken as we bring little boy home and watch his story intersect with Suhn's and ours. I am sure it will have its share of conflict, as all good stories do, but in the end I am praying for a happy ending of EPIC proportions.

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Our Journey to Grace and Olivia said...

Still blows my mind! That picture crazy - right? The lengths the Lord will go to save one always leaves me speechless and in awe of him. Then the humbling part hits when you realize in times such as these he could have chosen anyone but he chose YOU! Can't wait to continue to watch God move in this!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Oh. my. I was NOT expecting that plot. When I saw that picture, I just got goosebumps all over. God is awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

(also, we got our Wild Olive order today...super cute!)

Kasey said...

Such a great story! We are so excited to watch it continue to unfold. Love you all!!!

Jon y Amy said...

Wow. That is amazing. That picture is a gift from God. Hoping to order our Wild Olive gear soon! :)

T and M said...

Megan, I came to your blog to read this story via Amy's blogpost. Thanks for being willing to share what God is doing, even though you don't know all the twists & turns of the story yet ( : This encouraged me today. Mandy

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

We are so excited to see this story unfold! God is good!

leah said...

oh wow!!! this is incredible!