Monday, March 07, 2011

Listening In

A Car Conversation:

S: Can we take a rocket to the sun?

Me: No, you would burn up before you arrived because the sun is so hot.

J: Can we take a rocket to the moon?

Me: Yes, in fact people have taken a rocket to the moon and even walked on the moon.

S: Do you know the name of the person who first walked on the moon?

Me: Yes, I think his name was Neil Armstrong.

S: No mom, (spoken with emphasis) it was Buzz Lightyear.

We may need to watch a little less Toy Story at our house me thinks...


Leslie Ringger said...

too cute!

Marla said...

I miss my buddies!

bethany lane said...

this is super cute! you gotta love kids!

arlan and katie said...

If your kiddos can connect fictitious Toy Story to real life history facts...not bad! You gotta start somewhere!


Sissy said...

Oh my. That is so adorable!