Friday, March 25, 2011

Go Team Go!

I never wanted to be a cheerleader in high school. I was never good at acrobatics. I didn't like being in the lime-light. I had a quiet voice. My cheer-leading skill set was most definitely lacking.

As I've evolved over the years my cheer-leading skill-set has maintained status-quo. I'm still terrible at acrobatics, prefer to stay out of the lime-light and have a voice-volume on the lower end of the spectrum. And yet, somehow, I find myself cheering with increasing frequency. It is one of the many requirements of my job as mom, no matter how unqualified I appear to be.

As the boys learn to ride their bikes, I cheer them on.

When the kids says they can't, I encourage that they can.

I cheer when Mya plays piano at her school talent show, when Sean goes pee on the potty, and when Suhn takes steps on her own.

"Whoo Hoo!" "You did it!" "Great job!" "What a big boy!" "Go Team Go!"

Sometimes the cheering gets tired and redundant. Sometimes those I'm cheering desire me to stop. Or I want to stop. Sometimes its not appropriate (a time to cheer and a time to lament) or a dose of reality is needed instead.

But overall, it is a role I relish. Cheering my kids to do more, be more, try more is exciting. As mom, I get to be a tool that helps uncover their God-given gifts and encourage them to practice and use them. What fun! Cheer-leading may have had no appeal in high-school, but I'm loving it now!

Thankfully no acrobatics are required.

"Worry weighs us down, a cheerful word picks us up!"
Proverbs 12:25

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Tami said...

What a great post! I'm with ya on not having the cheerleading skills, but I know that you definitely have a gift of cheering (aka encouraging for the more KJV lingo)! I think you sometimes do it when you don't even know it...I know I've felt super encouraged by you after many conversation! You're kids are very lucky to have a cheer-mom like you! :)