Monday, November 08, 2010

Get Shopping!

Christmas is around the corner. I've been at the job of Christmas shopping for several weeks now. Making my lists, checking them twice, and all that.

I love giving gifts, but sometimes I struggle with purchasing more-stuff-that-we-don't-really-need while lining the pockets of corporate America in the process. So this year I set a goal. It doesn't necessarily help the "more stuff" issue, but I have found a way to give twice as much with one gift.

I've challenged myself to buy all of my extended family (this includes anyone outside the 7 who live in my house) gifts that support other causes. There are hundreds of families creating and selling amazing products to raise funds for their adoptions. There are organizations who do amazing work to help alleviate poverty and the suffering of others who sell great items.

I have found some great gifts that I am really excited to give and knowing that my money is supporting adoption and other worthy causes makes me even more excited.

Just in case you'd like to do a little "shopping with a purpose," I thought I'd share some of the great sites I have found...

  • Kristen, at We Are That Family, and her family have recently been called to start The Mercy House in Kenya. Their etsy shop (go here) has a great selection of items that are constantly changing. Your money will support The Mercy House .
  • Mama Mimi, at The Domesticated Diva, has put together a large list of links to help you find adoptive families who are fundraising, she has even separated them by category! There is lots of shopping to be done here!
  • My Cup Overfloweth gave adoptive families the chance to link up and share their fundraisers. There are currently 42 links with a huge variety of products. Shop here to help a family bring their child home!
  • Linny, at A Place Called Simplicity, had the same idea. Go here, to find over 40 more sites where you can Shop with a Purpose!
If you have found other great places to "Shop with a Purpose", please share them in the comments.
Otherwise, happy shopping and Merry Christmas!!!


Mindy said...

So fun!! I've been doing the same thing! I'm glad to have a few more links to look at and shop from.

Here's another idea -

I bought the boys these cute little crayon wallets. Comes with a writing tablet and 8 crayons for $10. The profits go to support adoption! Their etsy site is -

I thought it would be a good for their church bags or traveling in the car.

Jami said...

oh megan i just love this. and do you have my name this year?! :) actually i think you have clint's! fun fun!!

Linda Schuhmacher said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.