Monday, June 28, 2010

We've Got Suhn!

I wish I could post a picture of the three of us smiling. Or at least of the three of us without tears. But I can’t. Not yet.

Gotcha Day was rough.

Suhn’s foster mommy was able to give her to us. This was a blessing. But it was also very hard. Her foster mommy has cared for her for the past two years and they love each other.

Needless to say, when she handed Suhn to us. Our little girl was inconsolable.

For most of the afternoon she either cried or fell asleep in our arms. Constantly pointing to the door, looking for mama (and not meaning me).

Late afternoon, Kory took her on a walk around our hotel. And while I had my breakdown. He had a breakthrough. She finally stopped crying and he was even able to get a small smile out of her.

The rest of the afternoon things got better. Still tears (especially from me!), but more smiles and even a little bit of laughter.

Last night she did really great. She woke up a few times calling for “mama.” But now she is consolable. This morning she even snuggled into me. Checking me out and eventually falling asleep again.

Even though it’s been rough, the moments where her smiles and personality come through are priceless. She is such a sweet little girl and we are in love with her! She already has her daddy wrapped around her sweet little fingers.

Please pray for our little girl. She is grieving and rightfully so. Pray that God would hold her in His hands and give her peace. And, pray for patience, strength and understanding for us.

Yesterday before we went to pick Suhn up, I read the following verses:

“The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. So rejoice in the Lord and be glad all you who obey Him! Shout for joy all you whose hearts are pure!” Psalm 32:8,11
I’m claiming those verses and I am rejoicing. Even through the rough days.

Thanks for your prayers friends… Keep em coming!


stacy said...

Praying for you two and your beautiful little girl. So glad for you that you have her in your arms!
P.S. Love the pics from earlier... I went to Ohio State and my hubby is from Michigan!

Stacy (CCAIWCP yahoo group)

Janie S. said...

Beautiful post, Megs- Again your honesty and truth are almost tangible. Thanks for your faith and joy even through the difficulties of this journey. We are praying for you all- safe travels and everything else.

Holli said...


Heidi said...

Fervently praying for you and your little one! So very precious!

Jon y Amy said...


I have been waiting to see today's pictures. I will be praying so much for Suhn's little grieving heart and that the attachment starts immediately!
Blessings, Amy G

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Megan!! With time she'll come around. Nathan was the same way the first time we met. He loved his nannies at his care center and it was very hard for him to understand who we were and what we were doing! :) But really, it's a good sign!! It shows that she's capable of strong attachment and strong bonding = strong relationships. What a blessing that she's had a loving caretaker.
When we met Nate, it definitley wasn't the "fairy tale" meeting, but now, 2 years later, you'd never know that it's the same little boy.
Praying for you!!
Deb DesCarpentrie

Llama Momma said...

Praying for Suhn and her foster mom as they grieve...grateful for their bond...

And for the three of you as you begin this amazing journey of becoming a family.

Oh, God. Let your grace pour down today...

Rebekah said...

We are praying for you guys. The roller coaster of emotions has to be so exhausting. We will continue to remember you in prayer...especially little Suhn as she is grieving. we will be praying for God's comfort and that she will feel your love and beging bonding quickly!!


Missy said...

So bittersweet. Praying for you. She is beautiful!!

Amber said...


Michelle said...

Step by step Megan. You are all 3 on the right path right now. I know this to be true. It unfolds over time.

Kasey said...

Oh Megan! I'm so glad you have her. I'm praying for all of you as you make this difficult adjustment. I love what Deb said and I'm so thankful that Suhn has had the blessing of strong healthy attachment in her earliest and most vulnerable moments. It will give her the resiliency to make this transition and to love you and Kory all the more. Regardless, I'm sure the pain is real as you watch her grieve. I love you all and I'm praying for you!!!

Heidi Klopfenstein said...

You all have been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be.
I love the verses God gave to you.
I'm sure what you are feeling is really rough. BUT, like a few have said Suhn's reactions to you and Kory are good signs. Her response to all that has gone on in her little life are normal for a emotionally healthy child. Thankful she has been loved and cared for. Thankful that she now will be able to love and be cared for by you and Kory. Praying comfort for Suhn and her foster mom. Praying for patience and strength for you and Kory!
With love,

Sissy said...

What a sweetie she is. I know that her heart is hurting right now, but in a few months time she will be blooming! Hugs across the ocean!

christine said...

What an amazing verse; God is so good! Grief. Joy. Emotions - SO MANY emotions. In time you'll be able to better process (for me is was/is continues to be a process)and I pray that as you do, you'll see the greatness of our God & His perfect ways.

Jami said...

megan we love you all so much! praying for you, praying for sweet suhn. knowing that God has this amazing plan for her life, but hurting with her and you that it is so painful at first. here for you every step of the way. love you!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Oh my, thanks for the honesty. The moment I saw that first pic of you guys until the end of the post, I was crying. I will definitely pray for little Suhn - and you guys too. So glad you are together atlast!

Anonymous said...

Kory and Megan,

I cried with you through this post. You two are the best gift for Suhn and she will be the best gift for you! God will be faithful and He will bring beauty from ashes.

We love you and will continue praying!


Anonymous said...

Kory and Megan,

I cried with you through this post. You two are the best gift for Suhn and she will be the best gift for you! God will be faithful and He will bring beauty from ashes.

We love you and will continue praying!


Jill said...

Your on our hearts a lot in prayer. Thank you for you honesty, it is good to know specific requests. Suhn's reaction is so very normal when you think about how Shaun or Hope would react to strangers and it is such a good sign, BUT it is a lot of emotion, some fears and hard to see her grieve I am sure. Even tho both Caleb and Hope were very young for international adoption, I still see how they were "not quite themselves" for a while. I also rememeber intensly missing my other kids when I did not know how to comfort them.

Praying, praying for courage and trust as you move forward.

She is beautiful even when she is sleeping!

Love you guys!!

Emily said...

it IS hard meg-- i felt it yeaterday- even though we had a great gotcha day- yesterday was like 10 steps backwards- he misses his foster mama:( it's also so hard when you're in agroup and you see other kids doing so well- and you wish that was you. it WILL get better- i promise you- you are an awesome mom and woman of God--
try not not (good advice for me as well) to compare what is going on with you to the others:)

love ya!


Carmen said...

My oldest daughter did the same thing. It was MY dream from the beginning. It was ME who did all the paperwork and steered the ship to China. And my little princess only wanter her daddy and screamed at me if I so much as looked her direction for three days! She finally had a breaking point where she decided I wasn't so bad after all. I was the one with the food. :o) Food wins out every time, though she was reluctant to take it from me at first. She wanted everything from Dale, but she saw that I prepared everything and brought it to her. That might help make her acceptance go faster. Also, after a few days steal some mama/daughter time and send Kory to the store or something for a little while so the two of you can bond. Little by little she'll love and trust you and she'll be yours. There was a dad in our group who was the "ME" in their family and his daughter accepted him about the same time Abigail accepted me. It will come. Just be patient and know that it's not about YOU. It's about HER. She just needs a little time.

We were in your shoes just last month, and already it seems like eons ago. Seeing the pics of the same room where we received Benjamin is such a treat. Know that we are praying for you and all of the other families in your group. You're in great hands with Yisha.