Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Mya will tell you, the bad thing about our travel dates are we will miss birthdays (hers and the twins), BUT the good thing is we get to celebrate birthdays early. All week she has informed me NOT to tell her when we will celebrate.

"I hope my birthday is tomorrow," she'd hint. "But don't tell me, I want it to be a surprise."

We love birthdays and have created several traditions that the kids look forward to, streamers and Mylar balloons in their rooms when they wake up, birthday banners, messages on bathroom mirrors, the usual cake and presents.

Jonah will tell you, "I always know when my birthday is because there are streamers on my door."

This morning I heard one of the boys say as he walked out of his room and saw Mya's door, "Is it your birthday too?"

Yes, today is our day to celebrate . Although birthday week is being downsized into birthday day this year, or maybe birthday weekend to draw it out a little, we are excited to celebrate our animated 7 year old and our fun-loving 5 year olds.

Happy Birthday Mya, Simon and Jonah! Let's Party!!!!


smw said...

those are really fun traditions. smith's bday is today, and i finally remembered to buy balloons for the first time ever. :( the streamers on the door sounds awesome. :)

christine said...

love the last picture! so true to life! happy birthday to all 3 of your kiddos!

Jami said...

love your traditions! you do so good at love!! love those fun lovin' kiddos!!

Leslie Ringger said...

that last pic made me laugh! cute post