Monday, February 08, 2010


Are Mondays ever hard for you?

Today feels hard to me. Hard to get back into the swing of things.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays I feel the momentum building. Thursday and Friday things are in full swing. Saturday and Sunday bring a change of pace. But Mondays feel like starting from scratch and sometimes, probably most times, it is hard for me to get moving, to build the momentum up again.

Most Mondays I try to get to the gym, that usually helps. Then I force myself to do something. Pick-up a room, unpack, clean the kitchen. But tasks feel harder to complete and the pull to climb back into bed is always stronger on Mondays.

Am I alone in this?

If not (please someone say they can relate), How do you cope with Mondays?


Mindy said...

I completely agree Megan! Mondays are my laundry and clean up from the weekend day so I can wake up feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to accomplish.

I try to get as much done on Mondays so that I can take it easy the rest of the week. I figure that's my "reward". :)

I've also really been trying to complain less and be thankful more so I make a conscious effort to have a thankful attitude no matter how many loads of laundy I have to do!

Oh, and I drink a pot of coffee...that might help too. :)

smw said...

there is ALWAYS a ton to do on mondays. sometimes i'm motivated by the pile and know i need to work like crazy to get on top of things for the week. other times, i'm just totally overwhelmed. the times when i'm motivated sound nice, but then i have no energy to be productive for a day or two after that, so it sort of balances out.

i try to fight feelings of being overwhelmed by reminding myself that all the work i see that needs to be done does not need to be done today. i have all week to get it done.

you are not alone!

Leslie Ringger said...

hmmm... i usually DO crawl back into bed... not the wisest of solutions :)

Sue Heimer said...

I totally relate! UGG....Mondays are tough! The relaxing weekend always leaves lots of laundry and no food in the house!

Like the other posts, I just get up and get moving. As each chore is completed, the sense of accomplishment gives me satisfaction.

I love to read, so I try to "reward" myself with a half hour of immersing myself in a book later in the day.

Sandra said...

have you ever tired making your tuesday's more of a work day instead of mondays?? I guess for myself I find that if I do small stuff on monday's like sweep or pick up toys or something easy that come tuesday I am in a better mood knowing that the week is on and tuesdays seem to be when I do the majority of the work around the house. I found when doing everything on mondays it made me dread mondays and now look forward to them. Just a thought:) This has not caused me to not like tuesdays so I guess this works for me:)

Brooke said...

That can totally happen! I think I view most Mondays as a transition day... a day where it's okay if the girls are in PJs longer than usual. I use it as a day to try to figure out my week, what I will accomplish, and try to just enjoy quality time with the girls without rushing around trying to get stuff done.

Rereading this it makes me sound really lazy... but it works for us, and Mondays aren't so bad. :)

Anonymous said...

I kind of do what Brooke does. So if she sounds lazy, then I'm lazy too!
We take it easy in the morning. I read through yesterday's paper. The girls are in their pjs awhile longer than usual and the beds don't get made until about 9:30 or 10:00. I find that if I don't have a huge list to tackle Monday morning, I am much less stressed!

But I also don't have someone to get ready and out the door for school, so we can take it a little more easy. I guess I'll enjoy that while it lasts!

I find that if I try not to be in a hurry to get things done, everyone is in a better mood!
But I still probably dislike Monday's the most!! There's just something about that day!

Amber said...

mondays can be so rough - can't they? There are times I try and figure out if it's my expectation of them or if they actually are .. . but regardless, sometimes they are just plain hard.

I, too, do try and keep our mondays fairly low key. As in not too many expectations and lists. I've just found our weekends often have become busier and so having a morning that I let us just "be" is nice for ME (and I think the girls enjoy it too after getting hauled around). Like some of the girls said, pajamas on much longer, no agenda, and I don't try and get anything accomplished unless I need something done.

The one thing I do try to make an absolute on mondays, though, is working out like you said Megan. It clears my head and motivates me. I feel like between that and just enjoying hanging out together around the house, I kind of get my head back together for all the "to do's" of the rest of the week.

Although since Ava's swim lessons worked out to be mondays this time around, that's changed all this somewhat . ..but until we're out the door and once we're back home, we take it pretty easy!

christine said...

Oh, yeah, Mondays! Ugh! I can relate. I try to do the simplest things on my ToDo list so I can get a few accomplishments under my belt. Otherwise, I simply use it as a 'planning day' for the rest of the week. Hang in there, Megan!

megs @ whadusay said...

Thanks for all the feedback guys - it is always good to know you are not alone!

Brooke and Alissa - definately not lazy! I tend to take that attitude towards Mondays too, only sometimes I feel guilty for doing so which is me being too hard on myself? I probably need to let that go! It would definetely make Monday's more enjoyable. :)