Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Ray of Beauty

I didn't really mean to yell.

But when she gave the bowl of cereal to the baby who immediately turned it upside down sending the lucky charms scattering, the harsh words came out of my mouth.

Condemning words wondering why she didn't know any better.

I felt remorseful immediately.

After getting the baby settled in his high chair with breakfast, I sought out my little girl who was picking up the spilled cereal.

"I shouldn't have yelled at you. I was wrong. Will you forgive me?"

She gave me a teary nod and returned my hug.

And then she finished picking up the cereal and told me a story.

All was right with her world. She forgave me that quick.

In the midst of my "ugly," forgiveness sent a ray of beauty.

It was a wonderful gift to unwrap.

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jenn said...

gosh, I know--sometimes the angry just comes out and I always feel bad before I am even finished--thankfully kids are so forgiving!

Kelli said...

Kids are so quick to forgive and always inspire me!!

Unknown said...

How amazing of you to not dwell in your own anger, and then to also ask forgiveness .
You teach her she will be able to make mistakes and still be loved,
loving unconditionally

Anonymous said...

Their willingness to forgive us always amazes me.

MrsHLBjr said...

ugh! This was me (yet, again) today. I'm so thankful God has given my children a knack for forgiveness and unconditional love. They teach me well!

Dawn said...

i am always so thankful for those bright rays of forgiveness...

Anonymous said...

oh! i have been there before! it does break your heart! they are so forgiving! thank goodness!