Monday, August 24, 2009

An Audience of One

If I lived my life for an Audience of One.

I could speak the truth in love without worrying about what the other person thought of me, if I did it for an Audience of One.

I could write for for the sole pleasure of delighting Him and not think twice about how I might appear to others.

I could dance and look like a fool to those watching as long as the Audience of One smiled his approval.

Relationships would deepen, because I would be looking at others through the eyes of One instead of the eyes of many.

Criticism and displeasure from others wouldn't phase me as long as One was whispering his pleasure in my ear.

By living for One I could lose the shackles I place on myself; the worry of whether I measure up to those around me; the desire to be liked; the trap of comparison; the obsession of what others think.

I could lose these shackles that hold me back and keep me from taking risks the One asks of me.

If I lived my life for an Audience of One.


Genny said...

I loved, loved, loved this! Thank you for the reminder to live my life for Him and not others. :)

Thanks also for sharing about your precious family over at my blog.

Taylor said...

Amen, Megan. This is it, this is it! So hard to do this in this world, isn't it? I hope when sin is gone, this will be what we all do! Thanks for sharing!

leah said...

man. i feel like you wrote that just for me.

thanks. i need to staple that to my foreheard so i never forget it.

megs @ whadusay said...

Sorry, Leah... I wrote it for me. :) Now if only I could consistently live it...