Friday, July 24, 2009

Taking the Baby to a Baseball Game...

Going to a baseball game with the "baby"... not one of our brighter moves.

About the 7th inning (or sooner) the older kids were ready to go.

Not our little guy, he was just getting started. You can tell how thrilled he is to be there from this little video. I'm sure the other fans were so excited to have the baby close by too.

It got to the point that as long as he was in view we'd let him roam. I'm sure people were wondering where his parents were.

One man told me, "We thought he was lost."

Lucky for everyone we never stayed in one seat too long!

I don't think the baby will be making an appearance at a baseball game anytime soon. The memory of this one will have to carry him through until he is a couple years older.


smw said...

looks like he was having a jolly time!! :)

Jessica said...

too funny :) I think sean and will are going to be good little buddies!

Genny said...

That is too precious! How fun!

Unknown said...

And he was just getting started! Hahahaha... Sometimes isn't it just a little fun to know that your kid is annoying some grumpy people? I often feel that's my revenge for all the times non-child-friendly folks use bad language and set bad examples in front of my kids. I know, not very good behavior on my part, but it's the truth. Besides, I never let it go on for too long...(sly grin and sneaky wink).