Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Question???

One of my favorite things about blogging is the comments people leave. It is part of that connection/relationship thing that is so great.

However, one of the problems with this form of relationship is that once the post has been written and a comment left, the conversation can end. There are so many times I want to respond to a comment someone has left me, but I'm not sure how.

So here is my question:

As a blog reader, do you ever leave a comment and then return later to see if the blog writer has left a response to your comment? Or do you leave your comment and then assume the conversation is over?

Sometimes I will respond to a comment someone has left me by e-mail (if I have their e-mail address), other times I will add my own comment but I am never sure if the message is received.

So I'm asking, what is the best way to keep a conversation going in blogland?


Holli said...

I have the same ??? I guess I will have to come back to see.... I would say we should answer both on your own comments and leave a comment on the ?ers.

L, Ann and boys said...

If I ask a specific question I always check back later to see if they responded. If I comment something like, "that is so great, so glad your weekend was fun" I don't check back and assume I won't get any king of counter response. If I really want and answer, I list my e-mail address in the comment I left.

Good question! I hadn't ever really thought through it.


smw said...

i used to always check and see if there was a response back to comments i left. (even if it wasn't a question). but the more i got into the blogging world, the more i realized that usually people don't respond back (and i've started to be the same), so i only check back, usually, if i've asked something specific.

Rebekah said...

If the person has a blog of their own, i will go and comment back on their most recent post. usually they are checking their own comments so they always get that. if they ask me a question, i will sometimes just answer it on my blog because i assume they will come back to check for an answer.

that's my suggestions.

Llama Momma said...

If I ask a question in my comment, definitely come back and check to see if they answered.

Some bloggers have a reputation for hosting a "conversation" on their blogs, and on those, I always return to read the comments.

LL Barkat is a great example of this. She always responds to each blogger, and in this way, a real blogging community develops. (

I used to be better at this! :-)

christine said...

If I ask a specific question, I definitely check back for a response.

Taylor said...

Hey Megan! I guess if the person is looking for a response they can check the box that says 'Email follow-up comments to' But having said that, I always appreciate your emails!!! ;)

Holly said...

I always hope a conversation will ensue (starved for social interaction) so I often check back, but usually there's no response to a comment. sigh.