Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Trip to Target

I had the luxury of going to Target by myself yesterday.

My mission was to get Easter Basket goodies for the kiddos.

I came to a realization while I was there.

Sometimes I have a hard time making decisions. (I actually knew this already, but it is in these kind of situations this little dilemma likes to manifest itself.)

Because these shopping trips are filled with the little, won't-even-matter-a-week-from-now kind of decisions. You know like which kind of crayola writing utensil to buy. Should I get her colored pencils, markers or crayons?

It was a tough decision. My stomach was in knots. I ended up going with none of the above and settled for sidewalk chalk.

When in doubt, go another route. That's what I always say. Not really, I just made that up.

In the end, everything turned out okay. It only took me 30 minutes and 3 laps around the store to decide on four items. And I'm not even taking anything back.

To top it all off, the checkout lane managed to persuade me to purchase a last minute impulse buy. It was too good to be true. They were only $1.50 and my kids thought I was the coolest.

I opened up a package as soon as I got in the car.

I think it is probably a good thing I don't get to take many trips to Target by myself. :)


Christina said...

I did the same thing last easter. Then I took everything back to Target and went to the Dollar Tree. I felt less guilt and less stress. I got kites, coloring books, candy. All for about $15.

Jessica said...

That is too funny :) I love that you opened up the cakes when you got to the van :) I bought a bag of assorted easter candies about 2 weeks ago and I even filled the eggs with them (around 40 eggs total) and I think I have 3or 4 eggs left that still have something in them...I guess I'll have to go back to Target to get more ;) Its just too tempting (as we talked about on Tuesday) to have this stuff around!

smw said...

i am seriously exactly like this. i HATE making decisions. and deciding unimportant things like this can be a big chore.

Jill said...

So funny. I can realate. Sometimes when I have more time shopping I can take longer to make decisions. It is funny that you made four laps around the store for four things. Maybe you burned off some of that Easter candy (wishful thinking anyway...).

Janie S. said...

I'm all about pansies on Easter... we plant them outside after the big day. Carrie asked me if we could have plastic eggs with candy this year instead of real eggs- I told her the Big Bunny would decide- She said "I know it's you, mom. The bunny would bring me candy."

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Oh how I miss Target!! Not too much Easter goodies sold here. Not even Easter egg dye:(

Tami said...

Target is one store that I have such a difficult time walking out of there without spending waaaaay toooo much!!! For some reason, once I'm in there, all of a sudden, I feel like it's vital for me to have things I never even knew existed.
I think you made the best choice with sidewalk chalk!!! It's a very fun, spring time gift. :)

Erin said...

You sound so much like me. I can totally relate. Mine was 1 hr. at Hobby Lobby, about 4 trips to the same aisle, and 4 things. ha ha ha

Becky Avella said...

I just stopped by to thank you for your nice comment on my blog about the She Speaks contest. I am so excited to go and so thankful for this gift.

Your post made me laugh. That is soooo like me! Thanks for making me smile and reminding me how much I still have to get done before next weekend. : )

I hope you have a great time celebrating Easter this year. Thanks again for your encouragement.

Daish said...

oh, i SOO relate! although, i believe i'm about the worst when it come to making decisions.

Renata said...

I went to the closest city by myself last month & it was FANTASTIC. I went to 4 times as many shops as I normally would - however had the same problem with decisions. I ended up buying what I was looking at back at the first shop after looking in every possible shop I could think of that sold it.