Monday, April 13, 2009

On a Mission

It all started when I cleaned out the laundry room.

Then a garage sale was planned.

Now I'm on a mission to purge the house of junk!

Every time I look into my clutter-free-everything-in-its-place-with-very-little-useless-junk-sitting-around-taking-up-space laundry room, I get inspired.

Inspired to dive into the next room, fill garbage bags with trash and transfer items to my growing try-to-sell pile.

Its exhilarating! It makes me feel light and airy as items leave their shelves and find new homes far, far away.

It makes Kory a little nervous and causes him to hide his stuff, but I will not be stopped!

I will not let myself be held hostage by the growing stuff in my closets any longer. Its time to throw off the shackles of junk clinging to our house and purge like there is no tomorrow.

Watch out kids, your rooms are coming up and everything is up for grabs!

This momma is on a mission, so look out house, here I come!


Heidi Klopfenstein said...

I couldn't agree more--organizing and purging are among my favorite things to do!!
FUN! :)

Jami said...

WHOO HOO Megan! I am on that same mission over here! Gotta LOVE garage sale season!!

Clint said...

Nothing better than a good purging! I hate having stuff around that we never use. :)


Kristy said...

Isn't it fun??? I've been doing the same- it just feels so good to get rid of stuff and maybe make some money along the way. Happy purging!

hubergal said...

seriously, there are few things that give me the high that finding stuff to give to goodwill does. i love just knowing there is less junk in the house.

and the image of kory hiding his stuff cracked me up. largely, because jaret would do the same thing; if, that is, i haven't been warned years ago that i am not to get rid of anything of his without asking. which i guess makes sense, but man, some things sure seem like they could go! :)

Marla said...

Way to go, Megan! A girl after my own heart.

Your mom

Kristy said...

yikes! I think i'm gonna go hide MY stuff! :) No, I'm right there with ya, girl - my Mom's having a garage sale this weekend & I just took a LOAD over tonight! aaaaaahhhhh

By the way... Roanoke's townwide is this fri & sat if anyone's interested - usually TONS of kids clothes & know, to replenish your purging! :)