Friday, July 04, 2008

Birthday Week Kicks Off!

Yesterday marked the beginning of birthday week at our house.

Mya turned 5! The day started off a little better than last year (let me explain).

We have started the tradition of decorating the birthday girl (or boy's) bedroom with streamers, balloons, etc. once they fall asleep on the eve of their birthday. (Thanks Jill for the idea!) Last year, I got a little overzealous in my decorating and had streamers above the birthday girl's bed. Well, about 3:30 am she woke up in a panic, having no idea what that thing over her head was. So I quickly tore it down and walked back, rather sheepishly, to my room.

This year I learned from that little story and kept the streamers along the walls and added a few helium balloons (which have been a huge source of contention in our house in the form of brothers fighting over them). Thankfully no one woke up screaming at 3:30 am this year!

The day ended on a fun note as well. Daddy decided it was time to break out the tent and sleep out in the backyard!

The kids were excited. Daddy was wondering if he was crazy excited.
And mommy was excited bummed there was no room in the tent for her!

They carried their sleeping bags out to the tent, set them up and couldn't wait for bedtime!

Some neighbors were setting off fireworks down the street, so we all sat on our driveway and watched and cheered as they set them off.

And I had one of those moments. You know the kind where you don't want to be anywhere else except where you are right now. And you feel so overwhelmed with the blessings sitting beside you that you want to hang on to that minute as long as possible. And you hope that the memories you are creating will linger on in your minds for years to come making that experience even sweeter. It was that kind of moment.

As you celebrate with your families on this holiday weekend, I wish you all that kind of moment. Happy 4th of July everyone!

***To finish the "camp out story", once the kids finally settled down in their sleeping bags about 15 minutes later the boys started crying because they wanted to sleep in their own bed. So we moved them inside. The birthday girl, however stuck it out. As the boy's were leaving she confessed that she was glad because they were being too loud and she couldn't sleep with them there anyway. She then proceeded to sleep soundly until 6 am when she and Daddy moved back into the house.***


Jessica said...

Oh, dont you just love those kind of moments...we had a few of those this week, catching lightning bugs and eating ice cream cones on the front porch...such precious memories. Your story about Mya's last b-day is so funny :)

Taylor said...

Oh man, I loved sleeping in the backyard....although my dad never did it with us - how cool to have your dad with you! And now that I think about it a major road ran behind our house.....what on earth were MY parents thinking!!! Can I borrow decorating the birthday girl's rooms??? HAPPY B-DAY MYA!!!!!

Samantha @ the Listener's post said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Mya! We're starting "birthday week" too - my husband, Shane's is today (yeah - he thinks the whole country celebrates just for him...), and then Little Man's is next Friday.

Looking forward to some of "those" moments myself this week!

In Him,
Sam @ theListenerspost.

Renata said...

We also decorate the birthday child's room - but usually just some balloons!!! Sounds like Mya had a great birthday - love the camping out idea - our kids keep asking & I keep refering them onto daddy!!! - one day he's going to run out of excuses!!LOL
Renata :)