Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Potty-Training part 1

I began attempt #1 at potty-training yesterday. Jonah was pretty excited to wear his Thomas underwear. Simon responded, "me underwear, not", but after a little convincing was able to muster up some excitement at the thought of wearing cars on his butt!

About ten minutes into the great adventure I had two small accidents to clean-up. Simon was pretty upset about his. Jonah, not so much. The rest of the morning both boys spent a lot of time on the potty to no avail. Once Simon even told me he had to go potty, but again nothing. Three hours later, and about 20 trips to the potty, and it was naptime. On came the diapers.

I should have probably continued the "training" into the afternoon, but honestly it sounded like too much work! I think we will attempt another session this afternoon. Wish me luck!

If anyone has any success stories on what worked for you or any fun little potty-training tips or stories, please pass them along!


christine said...

MEGAN: I have absolutely no advice to share but plan to check back for future tips. You have such a knack for sharing your daily events with us all; keep 'em coming!

Katie said...

Hey megan-
James did not get offically potty trained until he was three. I had a close friend tell me that she got her son a barnyard set and everytime he pee pee he got a piece. Well we started with m and m's and with the poopy, we did a train set for everytime he went in the potty, then after a month of being trained, he did not need anymore rewards, he just enjoyed getting new underwear. Good luck!!

smw said...

i tried with smith when he was about 2.5, but i wasn't willing to take trips to the bathroom every 30 minutes like i did with avi. so i tried for a month with him, with basically no improvement, and decided to wait 'til he decided to do it himself. this happened at about 3 yrs, 3 months. i know i just was lazier this time, but he's also much more stubborn than aves, at times, so the fight doesn't seem worth it. so sorry. no great tips here. :) :(

Sandra said...

Caden was 18 months when I started him....but of course who is potty trained at that age?? :) So naturally I tried for a bit, but gave up quickly. Then at at 2 I decided it was DUE TIME!!! So I let him go to the store and pick out his own underwear(which were cars:)). I clipped a timer to my jeans and away we went. Every hour he was on the potty. I always gave him three smarties everytime he went. Candy isn't the greatest idea as he still thinks he needs it(but I don't give it to him everytime anymore). (oh and he is almost 3 so yeah, dont do the candy thing:)). Maybe his favorite viggie or fruit:) Anyway, after many many cleanups and lots of wash, we were trained 3 weeks later. He does a great job now and loves his underwear that he picked out. I see you already did the underwear, so just stick to what you are doing and don't give up to easily:) Happy training!!