Monday, June 11, 2007

One Fry Short of a HappyMeal!

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting the same results. My question is: How do moms stay sane?

Some days (today for example - and its only 8:30 am) I feel like I am slowly going insane. I pull my kids out of the same trouble, pick up the same pieces of cereal, sweep the same kitchen floor, give the same commands, break up the same fights over and over and over again EVERY DAY (sometimes every hour!).

Allow me to vent a few of my frustrations (feel free to share some of your own - I know you have them!). I am going insane from:

- pulling my boys (and girl) out of the bathroom sinks 10,000 times a day.
- picking up a million pieces of cereal (and sweeping up the ones Jonah intentially grounds into the carpet with his little chubby feet).
- putting crying boys into their carseats because they didn't get to push the garage door button this time.
- putting my boys back in their cribs 20 times each (that makes 40 total) because they are supposed to be taking a nap.
- listening to Simon cry for over an hour every night because he threw his blanket out of his crib and I refuse to play that game and pick it up for him.
- listening to a whiny little girl explain why she doesn't want to do something.
- hearing scribbling noises and realizing that Simon has found another crayon and has made his mark on the last doodle-free wall in the house.
- pulling my hysterical kids away from the snack cupboard (because the child safety lock we installed doesn't work anymore) and "starving" them (you'd think anyway by the way they act) until lunch time.

I will stop, because my house has been quiet for about 10 minutes now which probably means I need to go get the boys out of my bathroom and Kory's drawer and clean up the aftershave that they have probably poured all over themselves as I write!

I may just go and check myself into a mental ward when Kory gets home today - at least I would have some peace and quiet! (Just kidding - kind of :))


megs @ whadusay said...

Okay - true story - the house really was quiet as I was finishing up my blog, but (thankfully) it was a good quiet - the kids were all playing in their rooms! But, about twenty minutes later, Jonah came downstairs with me to switch the laundry. When I was done, he was gone. I went to find him because he needed a diaper change. He (and Simon) was in my room with Kory's aftershave, pouring it over his legs! Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecies - I need to be more careful about what I write!

Anonymous said...

Oh Megan! I think every mom can relate! It can be so frustrating to raise these cute little kids! On days like you're having I try to do something not in our normal routine. Like treat myself to not cooking supper and getting take out. Or take the kids to the park. Whatever relaxes it. Stick a movie in for the kids and take 15 minutes to get your sanity back by just relaxing and praying for a little bit. I hope your day gets much better!!

Mindy :)

Anonymous said...

I honestly cant totally relate b/c I only have one at the moment and he is pretty easy to keep track of for the most part. BUT, I am SO positive I will be feeling JUST like you, mental institute and all, with our 2nd addition. I am just treasuring these last 4 months with only ONE to keep track of! I do have to say Megan, that there are SO many times I look at you with your 3 kids and, I dont know how she does it and remains so calm and laid back. You truly are doing such a good job as Mya, Simon and Jonah's mommy and you are an insperation to me! Keep up your good work...only about 18 years to go! : ) Love you!

Katie said...

Your three have nothing on James. At church on Friday evening after dinner, I was telling Jason, how good your kids are compared to James. They sat and ate their dinner unlike mine one child. I would give anything for James to sit and eat dinner. I think we have all been there before, but Mindy you give some great ideas. Sometimes I wonder what my neighbors think, at least once a day, I am looking up at the sky and asking God to give me the grace to get through the day!!! LOL :)

Kristy said...

Your boys are at such a difficult age- I can relate! They never stop, do they? Sometimes I think I'll lose my mind too.

Someone once told me to find something you truly enjoy, something small that you can do whenever you feel like you'll lose it. On those days when I'm going crazy, I'll pop in a video and go in the other room with an iced coffee. Or wait until Ben gets home and lock myself in the bedroom for a few minutes with a magazine. Anything just to refresh your spirit.

One time Ben was gone- I'd bathed both boys and it was almost bedtime. I needed a break so I filled my bathtub with water. Cade was still up having snack. He accompanied me into the bathroom and while I was turning off the water proceeded to fall into the tub, clothes on and all. So I had my relaxing bath with me in the tub along with a fully clothed him!

Remember, this too shall pass and when they're teens we'll long for these days again. : ) Hang in there.

Taylor said...

Well, I sure needed to hear that! I am happy to know that i am not the only one going thru these similar things you mentioned. I don't know if it is because she is the only kid right now or what. 3 times last week I had to litterally drag her out of daycare kicking & screaming because she didn't want to leave! Then I had to hold her down to get her seatbelt on while she kicked and hit me. I am hoping the next is more docile.

hubergal said...

i so know the feeling of impending insanity. one example-close the stinkin' door!!!!!!! is that so hard? is 6 and 3 too young to be expected to close the fridge, the cupboard, the van door, the house. grrr... a thousand times a day. yes, you have my empathy. :)

Steve & Danae said...

We can relate. Makes you appreciate your parents, knowing they went through the same frustrations.

Jami said...

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood! Right now it's very joyful here...naptime!! :)

Love YOU!!