Thursday, June 21, 2007

Interview with a Mom - Mary DeMuth

I've been thinking about my blog lately and the idea came to me, "Why not conduct interviews with moms who have survived (or are surviving) the preschool years?" I know I could use the encouragement, plus it sounded like fun.

Then I thought, "Why not start off this new segment with a giveaway?"

So, I will be giving away Mary DeMuth's book Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God!

Then I thought, "Why not ask Mary to be the first interview?" And she agreed! (Thank you Mary!)

So with all that said, here are the details:

If you would like to win Mary's book, leave a comment! For this round, lets do something simple like a comment about why you love being a mom or something you love about your mom(I am planning on doing more interviews and periodically doing more book giveaways!)

On July 1st, I will draw a name and will post the winner (by the way, if you are from out of town or out of state, please enter - I don't mind mailing the book to the winner, wherever she - or he - may live!). So, tell your friends, the more the merrier, and read on!

An Interview with Mary DeMuth

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.
I’m a mommy of three, wife of one (thankfully!), living in North Texas. We recently returned from a two-plus year stint in France as church planters. My eldest gets her driver’s permit in six months. I’m freaked out.

Why do you write?
I believe God has put words in my heart and mind for a reason. He’s made me to communicate. By writing, I’m simply obeying Him.

Tell us a little bit about your book Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God.
It’s an intelligent, authentic book for moms. I grew tired of foofy women’s books, dumbed down. I wanted to write something that would speak to women where they were and I wanted to pull away the masks we tend to wear. I’m so very ordinary. I hope that in sharing my own struggles, I set others, who are normal like me, free.

Tell us a little bit about your new book Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture.
It’s a book for today’s parents trying to navigate a new culture with their kids. The world we grew up in has changed worldviews. The question is, what are we doing to actively prepare our children to meet a postmodern culture? I wrote this book while parenting my kids in the hyperpostmodern world of Western Europe. What we learned as a family permeates the book.

Who are some of the authors that inspire you?
I’m primarily inspired by amazing novelists: Leif Enger, Harper Lee, Walter Wangerin, C.S. Lewis, Sue Monk Kidd. Nonfiction writers: Randy Alcorn, Mark Buchanan, Anne Lamott

What book(s) are you reading right now?
I’m reading The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and This Heavy Silence by Nicole Mazzarella. Both stunning!

What is your favorite part about being a mom?
Watching my children own things (not stuff, but their own lives). For instance, Julia, my youngest, cleaned out her closet yesterday on her own volition. Sophie, my eldest, shared Jesus with her good friend because she was personally burdened to do so. Aidan, my son, told me he made a vow to return to France someday. I love watching my kids be changed by Jesus from the inside out.

What has been the most challenging part about being a mom for you?
Slowing down enough to enjoy my kids at every stage.

What advice do you have for moms in the preschool years?
Realize it passes quickly. Cherish the moments. Lay those foundations. You’ll reap much in the later years if you do that. Rest when you can. Take time away from home. Give gifts to yourself. Take a walk outside. Rejuvenate.

What is your favorite lunchtime meal?
Quesadillas (my kids love them too)

What is your favorite summer activity?
Going to the local swimming pool and hanging out/swimming/sunning with a good book

Do you have any parting advice for young moms?
Don’t be afraid to be real. Admit/confess your mistakes to your kids. Let them see you wrestle. Don’t present yourself as perfect and all together. Otherwise your children won’t understand your need for Jesus.

For more information on Mary and her books, visit her blog: (it is one I love to read!) and don't forget to leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

So much fun! What a great idea! I feel like Mary and I could be such good friends! I LOVE REAL normal people who dont wear masks, you can really learn SO much! Why I love being a mommy...oh where to start! I love the little, simple when Ethan and I are on the floor playing and he is running around me in circles and he will come up behind me and put his little 20 month old arms around my neck(yeah, this may choke me but I still love it!) and giggle till we both are giggling so much we are tired! then he gives me slobbery kisses...Just one of the many things I love about being a mommy!

Mary DeMuth said...

Jessica, we can be friends! In cyberspace. And it heartens me to hear your heart for your son.

Thanks, "megs" for hosting me here. You're right: so far you're winning the free books!

Mindy said...

This is a good idea! I would love to read both of those books, they sound great!

Why I love being a mom...I agree with Jessica...where do you start? I love to watch Noah learn. When I teach him something and he finally gets it, it makes me so proud! I love the look on his face when he knows he just accomplished something, big or small, and he smiles so big and his big blue eyes are sparkling! It just warms my heart! It's hard to pick one thing to say...I love so much about being a mommy!

As a wife and mother I love to take care of my boys. Even though some days are frustraing, knowing that I am obeying God by serving my family makes me get through the day. The gift that my husband has given me of being able to stay at home with our son, is the best gift he could've given both me and our family. God has made my desire of being a stay at home mom come true through my wonderful husband. And for that, I am so thankful and blessed!

Amber said...

I get so excited think of cuddling my baby on the way I can't imagine her running around me and giving hugs! It goes fast though -doesn't it!

What a neat idea Megan - I'm excited to glean lots of wisdom from Mary and everyone else you interview!

Anonymous said...

Why I love being a mom~
There are many reasons why I like being a mom, but today for some reason this one is sticking out to me. I have been reading alot lately on how to"train up a child" and not long ago my eldest son and I were in the store's checkout line when he asked "mom, can I have this candy", I simply said "not today" and he replaced the candy on the shelf and said "ok mommy". I then overheard the lady behind me comment to her friend how obedient the little boy was. I thought thank you God for helping me to train up my boy to be obedient without whinning. Im going to go on because not many days later I had to discipine my oldest for disobeying and when I was thru I was sitting on the steps wondering if I really was doing the right thing by spanking my children?? I felt God leading me towards that sort of disipline, but yet I was feeling terrible too. It wasn't but a minute later my son comes to me and sits besides me and says "mom, thanks for spanking me, I love you". I immedietly started crying and thanking God for reassuring me that I was doing as he wanted me to. God really is good and he has blessed me with my two very precious boys that he wants me to keep them in his care!! Seeing the rewards of following God thru my children has been such a blessing.


Anonymous said...

Sandra, your comment made me cry...thanks for sharing that.
Mary, your blog is in my "favorites" now, look forward to learing from YOU so much!

Taylor said...

I gotta be honest, I struggle to find the joy in being a mom day-to-day. Not that I don't love my little girl, but we have a very strong willed child (my mom would say much like I was at her age) and life gets very difficult when you constantly wrestle to win the war on obedience in every minute we are together. She tells me she doesn't like me or daddy and she is not quite 3 yet! It deeply saddens me. Everything we do revolves around her and for her. It is difficult times like this and when I am really down and at my wits end that Morgan will say something like, Mommy your beautiful, or I will pick her up and she will wrap her arms around my neck and squeeze me and then give me one of those slobbery kisses. And it is then when I sometimes start crying because I think it is those times when God is reaching out to my soul through her to give me the encouragement I need. Also, there is always this sense of anticipation and joy when I have been gone away from her to see her again. No matter what she brings happiness to my life and those few glimmers of joy are why I love being a mom.

Anonymous said...

Great interview, thanks Megan and Mary!

Right now, I am really enjoying our kids getting older. I just love being with them, seeing them learn (Travor- reading, Haley-alphabet/reading and Caleb-potty training :) ). While school was great, I am thoroughly enjoying them being home this summer. I love Travor's questions about God and Heaven, it is encouraging that God is drawing him to Himself. I love Haley's silliness and helpfulness, she is fun. I love holding Caleb and kissing his chubby cheeks and hearing him express all his two year old thoughts with GREAT enthusiasm!

I am SO thankful to be a mom (most days:)). Just an encouragment to us all, we recently read this Psalm in church and I was greatly encouraged by it...Psalm 103:17-18 "But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear Him, and His righteousness with their children's children - with those who keep His covenant and remember to obey His precepts."

What a ministry it is to be a mom!

Marla H. said...

Great idea!
I love when my youngest (almost 3yrs) comes into snuggle in our bed in the morning.....It's starting to get shorter and shorter every morning, though. :( I love seeing my oldest (almost 5 yrs) act so grown up...imitating adults. It's sooooo cute, but she's grwoing up sooooooo fast. AND I love seeing my kids being successful...getting something for the first time...and seeing those big smiles on their faces when we notice makes me all fuzzy inside!
There are challenges....Sandra, I felt that way just the other day. It was like my child was so obbidient the day before....and the next she was being defiant every minute that she could....and obviously I could not avoid discipling her. As one of my favorite oldy songs says, "Mama said there'll days like these; there'll be days like these Mama said." I am so glad we can have those GOOD days along with the bad.

Jami said...

I love this! :)

I LOVE being a mommy (most of the time) like Jill says! :) Really, I'm living my dream. I love the little things...laughing with my girls...cuddling...singing together...watching the girls play nicely together (often I hear Paige calling "Mom." I'm like "what??" and she responds..."I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to Rae!" They love to make believe! :)

I also love watching them grow and develop into their own little person. Paige is so artsy...which she did not get from me...and that is SO cool! Raegan...well I don't know what to say about her...she's a character - she may have got that honestly though! :) And I absolutely CANNOT wait to love on my boy, Hudson... Come home soon baby!

I could go on and on but I won't! :) Thanks, Mego!

Anonymous said...

Taylor, I have to comment on your boys are extremely stong willed also, and my days were just becoming a huge drag of trying to win battle after battle. That's when my dear aunt recommended this book to me and my father sent me verses upon verses to comfort me in knowing what to do with my boys. So I am going to pass on the book title and I recommend it for those strong willed children. I of course don't follow the book from page to page, but I take out of it what I need and apply it daily. Im not sure if its for every child, but for both my boys its been great.
To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl Its thru the No Greater JOY Ministries


Anonymous said...

You can buy the book thru that website for 5$. Just click on their store link, then to books, and its under that. You can also get the tapes for 12$. I was just skimming thru the book, when I decided its time to REread it. I said its not for every child, but I think its a book every parent should read:)


Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but there are many things that I love about being a mom. One sweet thing Jenna (15 months) has been doing lately is carrying around an old purse of mine. She carries it in the crook of her arm and then walks up to me or to Duane and waits for a kiss and acts like she is going to go bye-bye. What I think is neat is that she must see that in our house in order to demonstrate it. Those little eyes see so much more than I realize. We are truly blessed.

Katie said...

Well, I love being mom. I had to leave this week for 2 1/2 days for a retreat (this is the longest I have been away from Jimmy) and I was so lonesome for him on the last day, I coudl not get home fast enough. James has this thing when J or I leave he has to kiss us goodbye and tells us he loves us. Like Alissa said, I guess I did not realize how much his little eyes see.

Rebekah said...

Hey Megan,
what a great idea!!! And how neat to get the author's own point of view!! Thanks for sharing with us Mary.

I love being a Mother although I feel very inadequate. I always say my kids have made me realize my need for my Savior like nothing else. I never knew that would happen when I began this journey. But I guess God will do what it takes to bring us to a place of humility and gratitude for His salvation won't He?

Josh and Darci are my precious babies...although neither one is really a baby anymore. They both love to give kisses and I think that is one of my favorite kisses and saying " I love you" and hearing them say "love you too!" At this point Darci just says "tooooo".

Anyway, I won't ramble any longer. I just thought this was a great idea

Taylor said...

Thanks Sandra for the book reference! I will certainly read it! I hope this is just a phase and will subside the older she gets. I love her so much, but when all you feel like your doing is battling her will, it wears you out! Thanks Again!

Kristy said...

What fun!!!

Recently a friend told me whenever she's complaining about a rough day with her kids, her husband reminds her she's "living the dream". Jami, I think you used that same terminology as well. That's where I am- living the dream! I've wanted to be a mom for a really long time and my "dream" came true so fast with two little blessings!

I'm just trying to enjoy every phase. Right now they're both still babies mostly (2 and 8 months) and they're so funny. I love the times when I'm driving in the car and they both babble to each other. Or seeing them cuddling each other on the floor with their little faces next to each other. Or hugging Cade and feeling his little arms give me little pats and an extra squeeze- his non-emotional way of saying "I love you".

This past weekend I had to leave the boys for 3 days with my parents- Cole was fussy and would look around pouting and bawling most of the time. The second he was back with me he was all smiles and has been ever since. It's a wonderful thing to be so adored, isn't it? : )

Living the dream!

Anonymous said...

Meg (& Mary)- This is a great idea! Thanks so much for using the gifts God gave you to encourage the rest of us! =)

To be real and honest, I feel like motherhood has been so hard the past 2 months. It's been a constant battle of the wills at my house. I look at everyone enjoying motherhood so much and wonder what's wrong with me.

On a positive note, there are so many things that are wonderful about this "job." God does give so many moments that help me find encouragement...the things I love most about being a mom are the things I learn from my littles ones. It's so fun to see the joy they find in the simple things. Ice cream cones, finger nail polish, a trip to the pool, reading a stack of books, dancing together to music...they are things that bring huge amounts of joy and excitement at our house. It helps me find contentment! And, seeing how quickly they forgive me when I ask them for forgiveness. Most of all, I love their hugs and kisses. It really is an awesome time...and my day is going to be more blessed because you helped me stop and think about how blessed I am to have been given my little ones!

megs @ whadusay said...

Dear friend (whoever left the last post) - Be assured there is nothing wrong with you! We all have periods of time like you described - hang in there! And if it helps, I can completely relate, being a mom is the toughest thing I have ever done. I have learned a lot about myself (alot I don't really like), but at the same time, I have absolutely no regrets and just pray that my kids will seek God and serve Him despite their very imperfect mom.

By the way, if you want to be entered in the drawing for the book ,but want to stay anonymous on my blog, just e-mail me (I don't know if the anonymous was intentional or not!) and I will make sure your name is in the drawing!