Thursday, March 08, 2007

I see you... Do you see me?

There is a game we play at our house.
It starts with Mya saying "I see you mom... Do you see me?"
It ends with me answering yes or no. The game seems to pop up randomlly - usually when Mya sees me in a new way.

Today it took place in our van.
"I see you mom... do you see me?"
I glanced back to see Mya looking at me through the reflection of the van window.

"Yes, I see you." I replied.

Heavenly reminders can come in all shapes and sizes, including little games my daughter likes to play. Today's game reminded me to think about what I am reflecting. I've heard it said that parents are a reflection of God to their children. What am I teaching them about His character through my actions?

The other day we played the game in the living room. Mya covered her eyes with her hands, peeked through and asked the question, "do you see me?"

Again, I was sent a heavenly reminder. This time it was a reminder of His continual presence in my life. There are days when I feel isolated and wonder if anyone sees me. My heart forgets that I am always seen and loved by my Savior and gets wrapped up in self-pity instead.

Amazingly, my Father doesn't laugh at my silly games but instead lovingly pulls me to him and says, "Of course I see you, I always do."


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, Megan. Such a tender illustration of God's love for us.

Taylor said...


You are such an awesome writer. It is amazing that you can find the spiritual point in almost everything in life and it is so refreshing as well. Your words touch my heart. You are so talented. How truly blessed your children and husband are to have someone so gifted to see life through your eyes! I just love reading your blogs!