Friday, February 23, 2007

You Need to be More Flexible!

Growing up my dad would often tell me "You need to be more flexible Megan." I never really liked to hear it, but I knew he was right. If my plans were changed at the last minute, I would have a hard time adjusting. I love a well-executed plan!

Well Dad, like it or not, I am learning to be more flexible. I don't really have a choice - motherhood has forced it upon me! To be an inflexible mom is a very miserable existence. Kids have a way of messing up even the best-laid plans.

Consider the following:

- You plan to go to Bible study in the morning only to have your daughter throw-up in the middle of the night forcing you to cancel your plans.

- Your goal of the day is to clean the downstairs portion of your home, but little hands follow you at a distance, undoing all you've done.

- You are excited to wear your new dress to church only to have it covered in spit-up minutes before you leave.

- You are looking so forward to nap time - you NEED a break, but for some reason your children decide to take turns crying leaving you no peace.

I could go on and on, but I won't - I think you get the idea! When my frustration levels start to rise because things are just not going as planned I try to remind myself of two things:

1. It is not about me - Usually my inflexibility is based on my own selfishness. Reminding myself that it really isn't about me, helps keep things in perspective.

2. This is just a season of life - Life is full of seasons and those seasons are constantly changing. This reminds me to cherish every moment with my child, even the unplanned ones, because this season will be over all too quickly.

Although I still get frustrated when my plans get ambushed, I am learning to be more flexible. Dad, I think you would be proud!


Kristy said...

I am similar- I love my plans! Isn't it funny how sometimes God gives those of us who are especially inclined that way extra "flexiforcers" like twins or babies 16 months apart? : ) Although in general, kids will do that- we just have an extra pinch of it!

Anonymous said...

I so know what you mean, Megan and Kristy, I like plans too...hmmm, could have something to do with the fact that we are all firstborns. I had sick kids this week while Andy was on a short buisness trip and now he is really sick :( I was hoping to get out a little but that is not going to happen. I am trying to be flexiable and enjoy the time in. We just made a run to the gas station and got doughnuts, some movies and popcorn:) I want to be more flexable, so I am glad for the "trainings" that parenthood offers.

Mrs. Hany said...

I am such a planner as well and I can totally relate (minus the twins or the 2 children 16 months apart). I often try to remind myself that it is all temporary and no matter what I do today, tomorrow is going to come (even if it involves a crazy bunch of kiddos running around!!).

Taylor said...

I love a well laid plan myself - who doesn't, right!?! But no matter how much I plan it nevers lays out the way I imagine in my mind! Did you ever get that email forward about the people who didn't make it to work the day of 911 and all the things they had "planned" to do before they arrived? If you haven't I will send it to you, but I figure God's plans for our lives are much like that. Since I read that email it really changed how I look at my foiled plans in a whole new perspective! I just think that God decided to take my life this direction to steer me out of danger or teach me something important!

megs @ whadusay said...

Yes, I have received the e-mail you were talking about Taylor - it was a good one. Thanks for your comments girls, they have reminded me again how much God uses my little "planwreckers" to teach me things like learning to be less dependent on myself, giving up the control I think I have, etc. Thanks for sharing!