Monday, November 19, 2012

Care for the Orphaned

#9 Care for the Orphaned

Adoption is definitely one way you can do this. And, one of the side-benefits of international adoption is that it brings "global perspective" into your family in an intensely personal way. Our family has become multi-cultural since adopting Suhn. We try to incorporate a little bit of China into our American life which has been fun for all of us. But, Adoption is not the only way you can care for the orphaned.  

I am going to add one more thing to her list:

Support families around you who have adopted. Have your kids help you prepare a meal for them when they bring their little one home. Talk about the adoption process with your kids and learn about the countries people you know are adopting from. Support their fundraisers. Love on their kids.

Our church family and friends have been an amazing blessing to us in the way they have accepted Suhn, loved on her and in general embraced her as one of their own. Adoption has not exactly been an easy road for me, but I guarantee you it would have been 10,000 times harder without the amazing support, love and prayers of our family, friends and church family. 

You may not be called to adopt, but if you know someone who has, your love and support can lighten their load and give you a practical way to grow compassion and a global perspective in  your kids.

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