Sunday, June 03, 2012

To Plunge

It’s hot out.

Even in the shade.

I, however, am in a lucky position. A few hops and a jump and the heat would vanish in a spray of sparkling blue. Unlucky for me, the sparkling blue is deceiving. It looks refreshing, but one dip of the toe proves the water temperature to be a little on the freezing side.

Funny, the kids don’t seem to notice the stark temperature differences. They plunge in, willing to be uncomfortable for a minute in order to splash.

I try. I put my foot in followed by my leg. Do I dare let the water reach my waist?

Maybe next time.

A little splash is enough to drive the heat away for a few minutes at least. It allows me to experience a little relief from the heat without the uncomfortable cold.

I don’t like to be that kind of uncomfortable. I’d rather endure the hot than risk the cold. Even if the end result of the plunge turns uncomfortable cold into refreshing cool.

This reminds me of something I know to be true: 

Sometimes the greatest rewards in life require a risk that brings on the uncomfortable.  
Sometimes, by refusing the risk we restrict ourselves to a life of enduring.
And sometimes, we need to put aside our comfort, take the risk and plunge. 

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Emily said...

so true--- great post!