Thursday, February 02, 2012

Suhn's Video Debut!

It has been almost two years exactly since we saw Suhn's face for the first time. Crazy how you can fall in love with a picture, although looking at her picture again... maybe not so crazy.

She has come so far since then. We all have. It has been one wild ride that I am so glad we went on.

A big part of her physical progress has been the hours and hours of time spent at Easter Seals. The therapist there are top notch and they really care about our little girl. They get as excited as we do when she makes progress.

Over the next month our Easter Seals is working to raise money so they can continue to serve children with special needs in our area. It is their final fundraising push before their biggest event, the Telethon which airs the first Saturday in March. Every year they put together a video highlighting a few of the kids they work with. This year, Suhn made the cut (Sean gets a small cameo too!). We think she is the star, go ahead and watch the video. I dare you to disagree. :)

If you are interested in donating to Easter Seals and supporting the great work they do, send me an e-mail (see sidebar). I would love to tell you how.


L, Ann and boys said...

Quite the debut =) A very very good look at the program. The play is an outstanding idea.

arlan and katie said...

awh! Love it!
What a cutie & those glasses are just something...looking forward to Saturday friend!

Our Journey to Grace and Olivia said...

oh my gosh she is beautiful and has come so far. That smile melts my heart.