Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a Glorious MOMent

I had successfully navigated one Kindergarten Valentine party, Littles in tow, with only a minimal amount of pouting. This was to be expected as nap time had been cut short for one and cut out altogether for the other. I could live with minimal pouting.

The final feat of the day involved collecting the three Big Kids from the daily schools-out chaos. I had one with me, although he wasn't sticking close. This bugged me.

I spotted the second at the door. One more kid to find and we could wind our way through the maze of elementary-sized students, cross the car pool line, load up the van and get home.

I kept corralling the ones I already had. Reminding them to stay close. Telling one to get out of the rock pile. Losing one, to find him again by the flag pole.

"Stay with me! As soon as she comes out we can go. It won't be long!"

Finally, out she came. It was time to go. Almost home free.

"Let's go, but stay with me," I commanded as we made our way through the crowd towards the car pool line.

Someone didn't listen, make that someones.

Off they ran without me followed by a teacher who was quick to reprimand, "Stay with your mom."

Almost instantaneously, another one stepped in a mud puddle and started to cry because he was wet. He refused to move one step further. He was in the middle of the car pool lane.

And for one brief, glorious second, we once again became "that family."

Harried mom, herding cats, I mean kids, across the car pool lane.

Speaking of MOMents... Today is the last day to take advantage of the early registration fee for Hearts at Home. Swing on by and register today! I would LOVE to see you there!!!


Amber said...

Oh Megan - I had a VERY similar experience at Fresh Market yesterday. : )

God bless the older man, who as I was barely holding my own emotions in check and putting the girls in the van, who looked at me and smiled and said, "you have 3 really beautiful girls."

I thiink God knew I needed some love at the moment. : )

megs @ whadusay said...

Yep, it is kind of a badge of motherhood that we "get" to earn over and over isn't it.

Love what that man said to you Amber, so sweet.

Emily said...

had one of those today-- at the library- trying to leave but noah doesn't want to leave the nemo stuffed animal there- so pick him up like a bag of potatoes-- SCREAMING and rush out of the library (RUNNING) with other 4 in tow to the car-- sure poeple thought i was kidnapping some one's kid!!!:) wish i could see you next month.... maybe YOU should come out in October!!!!

smw said...

such familiar scenes. :)

Leslie Ringger said...

this makes me laugh.

Tami said...

I'm with Leslie...this made me laugh...VERY LOUDLY!! I'm sorry for you, but you have such a great way of laughing. If it makes you feel better, I'm sure every mother in that carpool lane was remembering a time when it had been them!! :)